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BREOX 60W 1000

Breox 60W 1000 is a water soluble PAG base fluid for industrial lubricant formulation.

BREOX 75W 2050

Breox 75W 2050 is a high performance lubricant base fluid.

Barium Acetate

Barium acetate is the salt of barium(II) and acetic acid. It is used as a mordant for printing textile fabrics, for drying paints and varnishes and in lubricating oil. In chemistry, it is used in the preparation of other acetates, and as a catalyst in organic synthesis.

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Breox 43A 1000

Breox 43A 1000 is a water soluble PAG base fluid.

Breox 50A 1000

Breox 50A 1000 is a high performance lubricant base fluid.


CEPSA HIDROMAX is a hydraulic fluid with a high viscosity index, formulated from finely refined paraffin bases and selected additives that provide the excellent properties required of this type of fluid. It has high viscosity index, oxidation, corrosion and anti-rust resistance.

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Clesupar S-70X

Clesupars S-70X is used as excellent heat-resistance and anti-acid properties due to synthetic hydrocarbon having aromatic ring.

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Dimethyl Ether

Dimethyl ether is an organic compound. This simplest ether is a colourless gas that is a useful precursor to other organic compounds and an aerosol propellant. The largest use of dimethyl ether is currently as substitute for propane in LPG used as fuel in household and industry. It is a low-temperature solvent and extraction agent, applicable to specialised laboratory procedures. Its usefulness is limited by its low boiling point, but the same property facilitates its removal from reaction mixtures. Dimethyl ether is the precursor to the useful alkylating agent, trimethyloxonium tetrafluoroborate. It is a promising fuel in diesel engines, petrol engines, and gas turbines owing to its high cetane number, which is 55, compared to diesel's, which is 40–53.

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Erucical EG-20

Erucical EG-20 is a eicosyl erucate used as base fluid for near-dry lubrication,Lubricity additive for metalworking fluid formulations.

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