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Erucical EG-20

Erucical EG-20 is a eicosyl erucate used as base fluid for near-dry lubrication,Lubricity additive for metalworking fluid formulations.

Erucical H-102

Erucical H-102 is a rapeseed oil, high erucic acid used as ase fluid for environmentally friendly hydraulic fluids, lubricity additive for metalworking fluid formulations.

Erucical H-107

Erucical H-107 is a mixed fatty acids used as substitute for oleic and tall oil fatty acids in metalworking fluid formulations requiring more lubricity and better emulsification.


FUEL SPEC 1224 is a single component fuel additive that is effective in preventing the numerous problems that occur throughout the fuel handling system. FUEL SPEC 1224 is a combination of several multi-functional materials which promote fuel stability, sludge and deposit control, fuel viscosity control, fireside deposits control and corrosion control related to micro-organisms. FUEL SPEC 1224 enables trace water removal from the system via combustion of the fuel. FUEL SPEC 1224 is also a preservative in the control of bacteria and fungi that degrade fuel and refined oils during transportation and storage. FUEL SPEC 1224 should be added to the fuel during transfer from the transportation tank/container to the storage tank at the rate of 1 gallon for every 1000 gallons of diesel. Additional FUEL SPEC 1224 should be added prior to untreated fuel being added to the storage tank.

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FireTreat 90SL

FireTreat 90SLis designed keeping in mind the typical fuel oil related problems and overall improvement in fuel economy.Fire treat 90SL helps improve the overall combustion efficiency of Fuel. FireTreat 90SL helps in reduction of soot formation, and suspended particulate matter emission. FireTreat 90SL also ensures reduction in oil sludge, prevention of corrosion in oil storage tank and pipelines.FireTreat 90SL is directly added into the oil storage tank during bulk unloading.FireTreat 9SL series containers should be stored in a cool and dry area. FireTreat 9SL gives oil sludge reduction and fuel stabilization, corrosion prevention in oil storage tank and pipelines, reduction in sludge keeps burner nozzles clean thus ensuring improved atomization and elimination of coke formation and improved fuel economy and boiler efficiency as no soot formation and reduced suspended particulate matter emission, improved stack emission.

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FireTreat 9720

FireTreat 9720 is a product for use in boilers using either oil or solid fuel. It reduces smut emission, soot deposits, and corrosion and slagging in the boilers. FireTreat 9720 should be applied to the furnace as a shot dose, once or twice a day.

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Hypermer B261E

Hypermer B261E is a non-ionic block copolymer type surfactant, exhibiting excellent solubility in both vegetable and ester based lubricants.

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K-CORR G-1086A

K-CORR G-1086A is a proprietary rust inhibitor system developed for industrial and automotive greases.It s especially suitable to fulfill severe rust requirements in greases.

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Lead Carbonate

Lead carbonate is prepared industrially from lead(II) acetate and carbon dioxide. It has a wide range of applications. It catalyzes the polymerization of formaldehyde to high molecular weight crystalline poly(oxymethylene) products. It is used as a component of high-pressure lubricating greases, as a catalyst in the curing of moldable thermosetting silicone resins, as a coating on vinyl chloride polymers to improve their dielectric properties, as a component of corrosion-resistant, dispersion- strengthened grids in lead-acid storage batteries and also as a photoconductor for electrophotography.

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Lubrizol 5370C

Lubrizol 5370C bridges the gap between lithium complex and lithium simple soap greases by increasing the 12-hydroxystearic acid-based soap’s heat resistance to the level of a complex grease. Lubrizol 5370C’s effectiveness in improving heat resistance has been demonstrated in traditional ASTM dropping point tests as well as high temperature rheology studies.

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