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Molykote AS-812

Molykote AS-812 is a silicone grease with wide service temperature range.

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Molykote AS-828

Molykote AS-828 is a silicone grease with wide service temperature range.

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Molykote BG-555

Molykote BG-555 is a lithium thickened polyolester grease.

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NA-LUBE AW-6010 is an ashless light colored antiwear additive.It will help reduce tool wear and can enhance surface finish of the work piece.

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NA-LUBE AW-6110 is an ashless rust and corrosion inhibitor and antiwear additive.It is especially suited for formulating ashless lubricants that require high load carrying capacity (FZG) and rust protection.

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NA-LUBE AW-6210 is an ashless antiwear, rust and corrosion inhibitor additive that also acts as a yellow metal deactivator.

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NA-LUBE AW-6220 is an ashless antiwear additive with excellent rust and corrosion inhibition and yellow metal deactivation properties.It is a suitable alternative to chlorinated paraffins for use in metalworking fluids.

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NA-LUBE AW-6310 is an ashless multifunctional additive for industrial and automotive lubricants and greases.It imparts outstanding steel corrosion protection and demulsibility to lubricants

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NA-LUBE AW-6330 is an multifunctional ashless additive for industrial and automotive lubricants, greases, and metalworking fluids.It imparts antioxidation properties to lubricants and greases

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NA-LUBE EP-5120 is highly suitable for heavy duty drilling and cutting operations and it also provides excellent extreme pressure and antiwear properties especially suited for metalworking fluids formulated for the machining of non-ferrous and aluminum alloys.It is a light colored, low odor sulfurized olefin with excellent extreme pressure and antiwear properties.

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