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Nitrogen Dioxide

Nitrogen dioxide is a chemical compound. It is an intermediate in the industrial synthesis of nitric acid. It has been used as a catalyst in certain oxidation reactions, as an inhibitor to prevent polymerization of acrylates during distillation, as a nitrating agent for organic compounds, as an oxidizing agent, as a rocket fuel, as a flour bleaching agent and in increasing the wet strength of paper.

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ProGrease 312G2

ProGrease 312G2 lubricant is a food grade NLGI grade 2 grease with alumium thickener complex.

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Rheolube 368AX-1

Rheolube 368AX-1 is a base oil,lithium thickened,high viscosity,synthetic hydrocarbon.

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Synative ES 2929

Synative ES 2929 is a synthetic lubricant basestock.

Synergel SA V 50

Synergel SA V 50 is a is for use in industrial products, industrial and institutional cleaners, wood polishing products, metal working, insect repellant.

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Synperonic LF/30

Synperonic LF/30 is a alkoxylated alcohol surfactant providing extreme versatility to confer excellent wetting, detergency and foam reduction properties.

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Versagel MD 1600

Versagel MD 1600 is for use in personal care products as thickening and gelling hydrocarbon materials.

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Vestowax AS 1550

Vestowax AS 1550 is a partially saponified wax, polyethylene-based lubricant.

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Vestowax AV 5012

Vestowax AV 5012 is a ethylene-vinylacetate copolymer wax.

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1,2-Dibromoethane is a widely used and sometimes-controversial fumigant. The once-dominant use, although one that has faded, is as an additive in leaded gasoline. It has been used as a pesticide in soil and on various crops. It is used in organic synthesis as a source of bromine. Historically, 1,2-dibromoethane was used as an anti-knock additive in leaded fuels.

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