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1,2-Diethoxyethane is a glycol ether used in paints and decorating.

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Agri-Pure Gold 414

Agri pure gold 414 are refined and modified vegetable oils.

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CEPSA BIO OIL HM-S is bio-degradable synthetic hydraulic fluid. It is formulated with ester type bio-degradable synthetic bases and especially selected additives for its use as a hydraulic fluid. It is recommended for hydraulic systems working under severe conditions of use that require high anti-wear properties and a high viscosity index stable over time.

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Dimethyl Disulfide

Dimethyl Disulfide is an organic chemical compound. Dimethyl Disulfides along with dimethyl sulfide and dimethyl trisulfide have been confirmed as volatile compounds given off by the fly-attracting plant known as dead-horse arum. It is produced from a chemical reaction between propylene oxide and methanol. It used widely in medical applications, agricultural pesticides and the manufacture of synthetic materials. It is an important additive to lubricating oil, solvents and gasoline as well. It is also used in the electronics chemistry, oil refineries as a sulfiding agent.

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Dow Corning 2-1352

Dow corning 2-1352 is a silicone emulsion.

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Dow Corning 2-3101

Dow corning 2-3101 is highly efficient active foam control emulsion for industrial aqueous systems. It is recommended for fast foam knockdown and also when foam control is needed during the end-use of formulated products.

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Dow Corning 2-5009

Dow corning 2-5009 is a non-ionic, 50% active emulsion based on alkylaryl polysiloxane.

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Dow Corning 2-8035

Dow corning 2-8035 is a cationic, 35% active emulsion based on amino functional silicone polymer.

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Hum-Bug Detector®

In order to avoid problems with the fuel supply, the of these microbes must be detected and eliminated. Hum-Bug Detector® Kit to identify the presence of these microbes and treat them with Biobor® JF, a microbicide additive, to eliminate fuel supply contamination.

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Hydraunycoil FH-51

Hydraunycoil FH-51 is a petroleum-based hydraulic fluid.It contains anti-corrosion and anti-wear additives.It is used in hydraulic systems of military aircraft or missiles, as well as general purpose hydraulic fluid for ground equipmentor missiles, as well as general purpose hydraulic fluid for ground equipment.

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