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Lumulse EST 500 LF

Lumulse EST 500 LF as low cloud point.It is a low foaming surfactant used in tank cleaner formulations.

Mineral turpentine

Mineral turpentine is also known as turpentine sudstitute , turps substitute in an inexpensive petroleum based replacement for the vegetable based turpentine.

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NyeTact 561J-20-AG

NyeTact 561J-20-AG is a Silver passivator, UV tracer. A 20% dispersion of a synthetic hydrocarbon lubricant in an isparaffinic solvent intended for electrical connectors with silver plating.

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NyeTact 570H-25-UV

NyeTact 570H-25-UV is a UV tracer. It is dispersion of a perfluoroether lubricant dispersed in a perfluoroalkane solvent intended for electrical contact protection.It is having high temperature performance and material compatibility.

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NyeTact 572G-Black

NyeTact 572G-Black is a 17% is a dispersion of a synthetic hydrocarbon lubricant in an isoparaffinic solvent intended as a general purpose lubricant.

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SLUDGE CONDITIONER is oil soluble, self-dispersing fuel oil treatment primarily formulated to combat problems in the pre-combustion stage with oil used in marine diesel engines and boiler plants. It prevents polymerization and inhibits asphaltic sludge formation and paraffin wax separation resulting in less clogging of fuel filters and fuel injector fouling. This conditioner dissolves and disperses existing sludge while maintaining the combustible constituents in suspension throughout the oil. SLUDGE CONDITIONER will counteract the effects of stratification of incompatible fuels, promoting a homogeneous uniform viscosity. SLUDGE CONDITIONER breaks water/oil emulsions and promotes separation of dispersed water from heavy fuel oil, which improves purifier efficiency. Improved conditions in the pre-combustion stage results in an improvement of some post-combustion problems such as complete combustion, less carbon formation, a decrease in deposit forming sodium, less smoke and soot.

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Triethyl Aluminium

Triethylaluminium is an organoaluminium compound. This volatile, colourless liquid is highly pyrophoric, igniting immediately upon exposure to air. It is normally stored in stainless steel containers either as a pure liquid or as a solution in hydrocarbon solvents. Triethylaluminium is mainly used as a cocatalyst in the industrial production of polyethylene and for the production of medium chain alcohols. It has niches uses as a precursor to other organoaluminium compounds, such as diethylaluminium cyanide. It also can be used as a rocket fuel, but has not been for any production vehicle.

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Trimethylolpropane is an organic compound. This colorless solid is a triol containing three hydroxy functional groups. Trimethylolpropane is widely used building block in the polymer industry. It is mainly consumed as a precursor to alkyd resins. Otherwise, acrylated and alkoxylated TMP's are used as multifunctional monomers to produce various coatings, Ethoxylated and propoxylated TMP, derived condensation of from TMP and the epoxides, are used for production of flexible polyurethanes.

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VRINDA ADOL VI-135 is an oil concentrate of olefin co-polymer & recommended primarily as Viscosity Index Improver for multigrade crankcase lubricant particularly where excellent shear stability is desired. VRINDA ADOL VI-135 is suitable base stock to prepare multigrade crankcase lubricating oils meeting international requirements for shear stability.

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2-Chloronaphthalene have been used for chemical resistant gage fluids and instrument seals, as heat exchange fluids, high boiling specialty solvents, color dispersions, as crank case additives to dissolve sludge and gums, and as ingredients in motor tune-up compounds.

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