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Zinc Dithiophosphate

The main use of zinc dithiophosphate is in anti-wear additives to lubricants such as greases, gear oils, and motor oils, which contain about 1%. For applications in oils for gasoline engines, zinc and phosphorus emissions could damage catalytic converters and have had their quantity reduced in standard formulations. The same compounds serve also as corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants.

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1,1-Dimethylhydrazine is a toxic volatile hygroscopic clear liquid, with a sharp, fishy, ammoniacal smell typical for organic amines. It turns yellowish on exposure to air and absorbs oxygen and carbon dioxide. It is often used in hypergolic rocket fuels as a bipropellant in combination with the oxidizer nitrogen tetroxide and less frequently with IRFNA or liquid oxygen. Apart from its use as rocket fuel, 1,1-dimethylhydrazine is a nitrogen source in metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy thin-film deposition.

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680 Blown Soybean Oil

680 blown soybean oil is widely used to manufacture alkyd resins for paints and inks. In personal care applications it is used for its natural moisturizing properties.

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Di-trimethylolpropane is used in synthetic lubricants, speciality resins and chemical intermediates, coating resins & PVC stabilizers.

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Dimethyl Ethanolamine

Dimethyl ethanolamine is an organic compound. It is used as a curing agent for polyurethanes and epoxy resins. It is also used in mass quantities for water treatment, and to some extent in the coatings industry. It is used in the synthesis of dyestuffs, textile auxiliaries, pharmaceuticals, emulsifiers, and corrosion inhibitors. It is also an additive to paint removers, boiler water and amino resins. It forms a number of salts with melting points below room temperature (ionic liquids) such as N,N-dimethylethanolammonium acetate and N,N-dimethylethanolammonium octanoate, which have been used as alternatives to conventional solvents.

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Dimethyl Polysiloxane

Polydimethylsiloxane belongs to a group of polymeric organosilicon compounds that are commonly referred to as silicones. It is the most widely used silicon-based organic polymer, and is particularly known for its unusual rheological properties. is optically clear, and, in general, is considered to be inert, non-toxic and non-flammable. Its applications range from contact lenses and medical devices to elastomers; it is present, also, in shampoos, caulking, lubricating oils, and heat-resistant tiles.

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Dow Corning 3099 HVIC

Dow corning 3099 HVIC is a grease-like silicone coating especially formulated to give electrical insulators long-term resistance to water filming and flashover.

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Dow Corning Pene-Lube

Dow Corning Pene lube is a naphthelenic compound.It is easy to apply for penetrating lubricant,resists corrosion.It helps to prevent the accumulation of dirt and contamination.

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Jopetrol Flushing Oil

Flushing Oil is a light mineral oil, with special additives for crank case flushing.

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Lambent E-2140 35% FG

Lambent E-2140 35% FG is a 35% silicone emulsion used as a lubricant, mold release, polish.

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