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ArChine Refritech HPE 170

ArChine Refritech HPE 170 is proprietary blend of premium Polyol Ester technology base fluid and additives.This lubricant is formulated to provide superior protection for HFC refrigeration systems. ArChine Refritech HPE 170 offers exceptional solubility and superior lubricity in HFC and Blended Refrigerants.ArChine Refritech HPE 170 has exceptional chemical and thermal stability, and offers a very long service life.

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Bis(2-Ethylhexyl) Adipate

Bis(2-ethylhexyl) adipate is a plasticizer. It is an ester of 2-ethylhexanol and adipic acid. It is used as a functional hydraulic fluid, and a component of aircraft lubricants. It is also used as an ingredient in PVC-based plastic wrap.

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CEPSA HIDROTRANS OP 10W20 is a high quality, multi-grade hydraulic lubricant oil formulated with highly refined, specific additives. It is specially recommended for hydraulic systems operating systems operating very high pressures, hydraulic circuits of public works and mining machinery under severe conditions of used. It prevents corrosion and rust.

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CEPSA STAR SYNTHETIC 5W50 is a 100% synthetic oil for petrol and diesel cars that ensures maximum protection in the most modern and sophisticated vehicles under the most extreme weather conditions.CEPSA STAR SYNTHETIC has low volatility that provides low oil consumption.

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California P-II Cert Fuel

California P-II Cert Fuel is a colorless liquid with Mild odor.May react with oxygen and strong oxidizing agents, such as chlorates, nitrates, peroxides.

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Diesel Euro III Test Fuel

Diesel Euro III is the liquid fuel used in diesel engines. The most common is a specific fractional distillate of petroleum fuel oil, but alternatives that are not derived from petroleum, such as biodiesel, biomass to liquid (BTL) or gas to liquid (GTL) diesel, are increasingly being developed and adopted.

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Dow Corning Antifoam 1430

Dow corning antifoam 1430 is a 30 percent active silicone emulsion designed to control foam in aqueous systems over wide pH ranges.

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Lion Diffusion Pump Oil A

Lion diffusion pump oil A is as wide hydraulic range of temperature.Small pressure fluctuation to electricity fluctuation.

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Lion Diffusion Pump Oil S

Lion Diffusion Pump Oil S is a high quality alkyl naphthalene based diffusion pump oil, especially developed for applications such as electron microscopes, mass spectrometers and small vacuum systems. Recommended for TEMs and SEMs made by Hitachi, JEOL and ISI/ABT/Topcon equipped with a diffusion pump. No need for lower grade substitutes, this is the original LION S diffusion pump oil, manufactured by the Lion Corporation, Japan. It has been and is still used in diffusion pumps used in instruments manufactured in Japan. Lion S diffusion oil has a high resistance against oxidation and works well with small and medium size diffusion pumps.

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White Mineral Oil - Light

White mineral oil - light are highly purified mixture of liquid saturated hydrocarbons, obtained from petroleum and are highly paraffinic in nature. It is used in the manufacture of varied pharmaceutical formulations and cosmetic products. Applications also include manufacture of textile auxiliaries, agrochemicals, polymer, dye intermediates, specialty lubricants, masterbatches, specialty chemicals, food products & as a carrier solvent for industrial applications etc.

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