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N,N'-Bis(3-aminopropyl)ethylenediamine is used as a polymer cross linkage agent, polyurethane extender and spray coatings. It is also used in detergents, fuel and lubricant additives. It is an intermediate for various organic chemicals like agrochemicals, textile auxiliaries, emulsifiers and flotation agents.

Dow Corning 111 Valve Lubricant & Sealant

Dow corning 111 valve lubricant & sealant is a silicone based compound, heavy consistency.

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Heavy Duty Off Highway Diesel Engine Oils

Heavy Duty Off Highway Diesel Engine Oils is suitable for mixed fleets combining large over the road diesel trucks with smaller diesel and gasoline-fuelled light trucks and passenger cars.

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Jopetrol Hydraulic Transmission Fluid C-3

Hydraulic Transmission Fluid C-3 is a high quality transmission fluid, formulated to provide optimum oxidation and thermal stability, friction retention, anti-wear and EP performance.

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Commercial & Light Duty Diesel Engine Oils

Commercial & Light Duty Diesel Engine Oils intended for use in petrol and diesel car and light commercial vehicles specifically capable of using low friction, low viscosity oils with high temperature or high shear characteristics.

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N,N-Bis(1-methylpropyl)-1,4-phenylenediamine is an aromatic amine used industrially as an antioxidant to prevent degradation of turbine oils, transformer oils, hydraulic fluids, lubricants, waxes, and greases. It is particularly effective for hydrocarbon products produced by cracking or pyrolysis, which are characterized by high olefin content. N,N-Bis(1-methylpropyl)-1,4-phenylenediamine is also used as an inhibitor in production of various vinyl monomers.It has the appearance of a corrosive red liquid. It is a skin sensitizer and can be absorbed through skin.

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Dow Corning 112 High Performance Lube/Sealant

Dow corning 112 high performance lube/sealant is silicone based compound, very heavy consistency.

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T106A Over based synthetic calcium sulfonate (TBN 400)

T106A Over based synthetic calcium sulfonate (TBN 400) as strong acid neutralization capacity,good oil solubility,excellent performance of water resistance and high-temperature detergency.

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