Buy fungicide chemicals are biological chemicals prevents, cure plants from fungus



Penthiopyrad  is a Agro Chemical.

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Pyracarbolid  is a fungicide chemical.


RIDOMIL Gold is a leading systemic fungicide for control of important diseases caused by the Oomycete fungi. It performs best sprayed in early season in a full fungicide program (Plasmopara, Phytophtora) with ready mixture with various partners.

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Sulfostar DF

Sulfostar DF is used for the control of certain fungal diseases and mites in grapevines and other crops.

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Thifluzamide is a fungicide chemical.

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Topas 100 EC

Topas 100 EC is used for control of black spot (scab) of apples and pears, powdery mildew of apples and grapes and ring spot of Brussels sprouts.

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Triad 500 WP

Triad 500 WP is used for control of leaf rust in wheat when applied as a fertiliser treatment.

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Valifenalate is fungicide chemical.

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