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4-Nitrophenol is a phenolic compound that has a nitro group at the opposite position of hydroxy group on the benzene ring. It is an intermediate in the synthesis of paracetamol. 4-Nitrophenol is used as the precursor for the preparation of phenetidine and acetophenetidine, indicators, and raw materials for fungicides. Bioaccumulation of this compound rarely occurs. In peptide synthesis, carboxylate ester derivatives of 4-nitrophenol may serve as activated components for construction of amide moieties.

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AG-CORD 720WP is an systematic and contact fungicide for the control of phytophthora palmivora and phtophthora megakarya against black pod disease of cocoa and various crops.

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AGRO-LAXYL MZ is a contact and systemic fungicide for effective control of early and late blight and downy mildew on various crops.

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AGRO-ZEB 80WP is a broad spectrum protectant fungicide against foliar diseases caused by endoparasites fungi.

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Aurora 250 EC

Aurora 250 EC is used to controls certain fungal diseases of bananas, peanuts, perennial ryegrass,pineapples, stone fruit, sugar cane, wheat and other crops.

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BOTOKILLER WP is a microbial fungicide that controls gray mold and powdery mildew in vegetables, gray mold in flowers, and gray mold in grapes. BOTOKILLER WP competes with pathogen on the surface of plants by occupying the space and competition of nutrients. It is most effective when used before infection of pathogens or occurrence of high damage.

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Caprylic Acid

Caprylic acid is the common name for the eight-carbon saturated fatty acid. It is found naturally in the milk of various mammals, and it is a minor constituent of coconut oil and palm kernel oil. It is used commercially in the production of esters used in perfumery and also in the manufacture of dyes. It is also used in the treatment of some bacterial infections. It is an antimicrobial pesticide used as a food contact surface sanitizer in commercial food handling establishments on dairy equipment, food processing equipment, breweries, wineries, and beverage processing plants. It is also used as disinfectant in health care facilities, schools/colleges, animal care/veterinary facilities, industrial facilities, office buildings, recreational facilities, retail and wholesale establishments, livestock premises, restaurants, and hotels/motels. In addition, caprylic acid is used as an algaecide, bactericide, and fungicide in nurseries, greenhouses, garden centers, and interiorscapes on ornamentals.

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Chief Aquaflo

Chief Aquaflo is used for the control of certain fungal diseases on various crops.

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Civet Aquaflo

Civet Aquaflo is used for the control of certain fungal diseases on various crops.

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Cycloheximide is an inhibitor of protein biosynthesis in eukaryotic organisms, produced by the bacterium Streptomyces griseus.Its effects are rapidly reversed by removing it from the culture medium.It is also used in hospital,research laboratories as an antibiotic, agricultural fungicide.

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