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Mirador 250SC

Mirador 250SC is used for the control of various diseases of grapes, potatoes, tomatoes,cucurbits, avocados, mangoes, passionfruit and poppies.

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Propiconazole is a fungicide and antimicrobial that was first registered in 1981, used to protect grass grown for seed. It is also used to protect ornamental plants and as a preventative ingredient on industrial products. Propiconazole is in the triazole class of fungicides. Propiconazole targets fungi, bacteria, and viruses affecting plants. It is used to protect ornamental plants and turf, including golf courses and sod farms. It may be used as a preservative to wood, adhesives, paints, coatings, leather, paper, textiles, and other industrial products. Propiconazole has a moderately low acute toxicity. Propiconazole interferes with the synthesis of ergosterol, an organic molecule vital to the formation of fungal cell walls. Propiconazole breaks down into other triazole compounds.

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Tiabendazole is a fungicide and parasiticide. It is used primarily to control mold, blight, and other fungally caused diseases in fruits and vegetables. It is also used as a prophylactic treatment for Dutch Elm disease. As an antiparasitic, it is able to control roundworms, hookworms, and other helminth species which attack wild animals, livestock and humans.

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2-Phenylphenol is an organic compound that consists of two linked benzene rings and a phenolic hydroxyl group. It is a biocide used as a preservative. The primary use of 2-phenylphenol is as an agricultural fungicide. It is generally applied post-harvest. It is a general surface disinfectant, used in households, hospitals, nursing homes, farms, laundries, barber shops, and food processing plants. It can be used on fibers and other materials. It is used to disinfect hospital and veterinary equipment. Other uses are in rubber industry and as a laboratory reagent. It is also used in the manufacture of other fungicides, dye stuffs, resins and rubber chemicals.

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Acenaphthylene is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon consisting of naphthalene with an ethylene bridge connecting positions 1 and 8. It is a constituent of coal tar. Reduction of the ethylene group gives the related compound acenaphthene.Unlike most polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, it has no fluorescence.

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Amistar 250 SC

Amistar 250 SC is used for the control of various diseases of grapes, potatoes, tomatoes, cucurbits, avocados, mangoes, passionfruit and poppies.

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Cavalry-720-SC is used for control of fungus diseases on Almonds, Bananas, Cucurbits, Grapes,Ornamentals, Peanuts, Stone Fruits, Tobacco, Turf and Vegetables.

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Chlorothalonil is a broad-spectrum organochlorine fungicide that forms adducts with glutathione  and cysteine residues on enzymes leading to GST depletion and enzyme deactivation, respectively.

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