Buy fungicide chemicals are biological chemicals prevents, cure plants from fungus



Trooper is a broad spectrum fungicide for the control of seed and soil borne diseases. Trooper has both systemic and contact mode of action. Trooper also acts as a plant growth stimulant.

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Valifenalate is fungicide chemical.

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Vinclozolin is a nonsystemic dicaboximide fungicide used for the control of several types of fungi in vines, strawberris, vegetables, fruit, ornamentals.

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Zinc Bis Dimethyldithiocarbamate

Zinc bis dimethyldithiocarbamate is used as a primary and secondary accelerator in rubber industry. It is also used in adhesives. It is also used as a foliar fungicide in combination with other pesticides.

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Zineb is a foliate fungicide and is a polymeric complex of zinc with the ethylene bis(dithiocarbamate) anionic ligand. Its uses include control of downy mildews, rusts and redfire disease. It is produced by reacting ethylene bis(dithiocarbamate) sodium salt, nabam, with zinc sulfate.

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butanamide Technical 95%


Butanamide /butyramide CAS 541-35-5

Appearance: liquid dry to solid then crushed to powder

Packing: 40*50 paper barrel

Usage: to produce imazethapyr and imazameth 

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imazapic Technical 98% min

Imazapic /imazameth CAS 104098-48-8

Appearance: light yellow to white crystal solid, no visible impurity.

Content: 98.0% min

Packing: 25kgs/paper barrel

Usage: for controlling weeds in peanut


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o-Chloro Aniline

o-Chloroaniline is used as an intermediate in the production of a number of products, including agricultural chemicals, azo dyes and pigments and pharmaceuticals. o-Chloroaniline is also used in petroleum solvents and fungicides.

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