Buy fungicide chemicals are biological chemicals prevents, cure plants from fungus



Mirage is used for the control of post-harvest anthracnose and stem-end rot in certain tropical fruits, dollar spot in turf, pineapple disease in sugar cane setts and post-harvest water blister in pineapples.

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Nimrod is used for control of powdery mildew of melons (except watermelons),apples and ornamentals.

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Redmil is specific fungicide for control of oomycetes fungi (e.g. late blight and downy mildew diseases). Redmil can be applied to foliage, soil or as a seed treatment.

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SWITCH offers growers a top rate solution against Botrytis in grapes and other important diseases in fruits and vegetables. It also provides high-level control of Glomerella and the bunch rot complex (Aspergillus, Rhizopus, Cladosporium, & Alternaria) on grapes, Monilinia and Stemphylium on fruit, and Sclerotinia and Ascochyta on vegetables.

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Sulfur supplied by Ameropa AG is available at a high grade and is an abundant, multivalent non-metal. It is an essential element for all life and is widely used in biochemical processes. In metabolic reactions, sulfur compounds serve as both fuels and respiratory materials for simple organisms. It is an important part of many enzymes and also in antioxidant molecules like glutathione and thioredoxin. Organically bonded sulfur is a component of all proteins, as the amino acids cysteine and methionine. Buy Sulfur from the international grain and fertilizer trader supplying chemicals online.


Thiram is an ectoparasiticide. It is used to prevent fungal diseases in seed and crops. It is also used as an animal repellent to protect fruit trees and ornamentals from damage by rabbits, rodents and deer. It is effective against Stem gall of coriander, damping off, smut of millet, neck rot of onion, etc. It has been used in the treatment of human scabies, as a sun screen and as a bactericide applied directly to the skin or incorporated into soap.

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AMISTAR is used for fungal control and yield enhancement in cereals such as wheat and barley as well as in vines, fruits, vegetables, bananas, rice, soybeans, corn, turf and ornamentals.

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Amistar is a broadest spectrum Strobilurin with an excellent environmental file, optimizing yield and quality in a wide range of crops.


Benomyl belongs to the family of Benzimidazoles. It is an Agricultural and horticultural systemic fungicide mainly used on rice and soybean Benomyl has been shown to exhibit anti-fungal function. Benomyl binds to microtubules, interfering with cell functions, such as meiosis and intracellular transportation.

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Bixafen is a foliar fungicide. Bixafen aims to effective control of Septoriaschimmels and brown rust possible, including species that are resistant strobilurines. Bixafen is an active ingredient from the chemical class of pyrazoles, and belongs to a new generation of SDH (succinate dehydrogenase) inhibitors. It was developed specifically for foliar application to control important cereal diseases such as septoria leaf blotch (Septoria tritici) in intensive cereal growing regions.


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