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Lithium Hydroxide

Lithium hydroxide is an inorganic compound. It is mainly consumed for the production of lithium greases. A popular lithium grease is lithium stearate, which is a general purpose lubricating grease due to its high resistance to water and being useful at both high and low temperatures. Lithium hydroxide is used in breathing gas purification systems for spacecraft, submarines, and rebreathers to remove carbon dioxide from exhaled gas by producing lithium carbonate and water. It is used as a heat transfer medium, as a storage-battery electrolyte. It is also used in ceramics and some Portland cement formulations. Lithium hydroxide is used to alkalize the reactor coolant in pressurized water reactors for corrosion control.

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4-Formylmorpholine is used in the desulfurization of natural gas, synthetic gas, flue gas and gasoline and it is the most widely used aromatic recovery solvent.

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Ammonium Bisulfite

Ammonium bisulfite is used in industries concerned with leather processing, food and beverage processing, gas purification, water treatment to remove excess chlorine, textiles and pulp processing, and many others. It is used as a reducing agent in chemical manufacturing. It is an alternative to sulfur dioxide which is used in sterlization of equipment.

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Cracked Distillate

Cracked Distillate is a clear and yellow liquid, with a pungent aromatic odor. It is a co-product by steam cracking hydrocarbons (naphtha, gas oil, gas condensate) under high temperature in the presence of steam to produce the olefins ethylene and propylene.

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Diisopropanolamine is widely used industrially for removing carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide from natural gas and refinery process streams. It is used as an emulsifying agent and is also used as a crosslinking catalyst in the production of polyurethanes. It is used as a component of insecticide, surfactants, rubber chemicals, corrosion inhibitors and pigment dispersants.

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N-Acetylmorpholine is used in acid gas removal applications. It is very important pesticide intermediate.

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PARA CLEAR HWD-106 is a paraffin dispersant effective in removing accumulated paraffin deposits.

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Pyrolysis Gasoline

Pyrolysis Gasoline is an industrial product that consists of a mixture of hydrocarbon products,predominantly C5 through C11.It is a product of the ethylene manufacturing process.Its primary use is in the isolation of high purity benzene and other products.

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Ammonium Propionate

Ammonium propionate is the ammonium salt of propionic acid. It can be used as antiseptic, antifungal agents, preservatives and antimould agent in food industry or feed industry.

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