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Dermaz 99

Dermaz 99 (azelaic acid) is a saturated 9-carbon dicarboxylic acid used for treating acne vulgaris, inflammatory rosacea, and hyperpigmentary disorders, and for skin lightening and evening. Dermaz 99 effectively combats all causes of acne, but produces a low incidence of side effects – plus, it creates creams with an attractive look and feel.


Derrubone is an isoflavone, a type of flavonoid. It bears a prenyl acetylation. It was originally isolated from the Indian tree Derris robusta. Recent research indicates that it acts as an inhibitor of Hsp90 to its function as a chaperone protein.


Deuterium also called heavy hydrogen, isotope of hydrogen with atomic weight of approximately 2. Its nucleus, consisting of one proton and one neutron, has double the mass of the nucleus of ordinary hydrogen. Deuterium is a stable atomic species found in natural hydrogen compounds to the extent of 0.014 to 0.015 percent. Deuterium was discovered (1931) by the American chemist Harold C. Urey and his associates F.G. Brickwedde and G.M. Murphy. Urey predicted a difference between the vapour pressures of molecular hydrogen (H2) and of a corresponding molecule with one hydrogen atom replaced by deuterium (HD) and, thus, the possibility of separating these substances by distillation of liquid hydrogen. Deuterium enters into all chemical reactions characteristic of ordinary hydrogen, forming equivalent compounds. Deuterium, however, reacts more slowly than ordinary hydrogen, a criterion that distinguishes the two forms of hydrogen.

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