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Parigenin is a member of the class of compounds known as triterpenoids. It can be found in asparagus, fenugreek, and herbs and spices, which makes it a potential biomarker for the consumption of these food products. It is a constituent of Radix sarsaparilla (sarsaparilla root).


Patuletin is an O-methylated flavonol. It can be found in the genus Eriocaulon.


Phaseolin is a pterocarpan found in French bean seeds and in the stems of Erythrina subumbrans.


Phenytoin is an anticonvulsant drug which can be useful in the treatment of epilepsy.It acts to dampen the unwanted, runaway brain activity seen in seizure by reducing electrical conductance among brain cells. It lacks the sedation effects associated with phenobarbital.Phenytoin acts on sodium channels on the neuronal cell membrane, limiting the spread of seizure activity and reducing seizure propagation. By promoting sodium efflux from neurons, phenytoin tends to stabilize the threshold against hyperexcitability caused by excessive stimulation or environmental changes capable of reducing membrane sodium gradient. This includes the reduction of post-tetanic potentiation at synapses.

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Phloretin is a dihydrochalcone, a type of polyphenol. It is the phloroglucin ester of paraoxyhydratropic acid. It can be found in apple tree leaves.

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Phlorizin is a toxic 2'-glucoside of phloretin. It belongs to the group of dihydrochalcones, a type of flavonoids. It is a competitive inhibitor of renal glucose transport. It is naturally occurring in some plants. It could be found in the bark of pear, apple, cherry and other fruit trees and is responsible for the petal color in Dianthus caryophyllus.

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A phosphate, an inorganic chemical, is a salt of phosphoric acid. In organic chemistry, a phosphate, or organophosphate, is an ester of phosphoric acid. Organic phosphates are important in biochemistry and biogeochemistry or ecology. Inorganic phosphates are mined to obtain phosphorus for use in agriculture and industry.

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