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Piperoxan, also known as benodaine, is a drug which was the very first antihistamine to be discovered. This compound, derived from benzodioxan, was prepared in the early 1930s by Daniel Bovet and Ernest Fourneau at the Pasteur Institute in France.

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Polyamide is a macromolecule with repeating units linked by amide bonds. Polyamides occur both naturally and artificially. Polyamides are easily copolymerized, and thus many mixtures of monomers are possible which can in turn lead to many copolymers. Polyamides have excellent mechanical properties and can be either hard and tough or soft and flexible. Polyamides are commonly used in the textile and automotive industry.

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Polyamine is an organic compound having two or more primary amino groups -NH2. Polyamines are important modulators of a variety of ion channels, including NMDA receptors and AMPA receptors. They block inward-rectifier potassium channels so that the currents of the channels are inwardly rectified, thereby the cellular energy, i.e. K+ ion gradient across the cell membrane, is conserved. They can enhance the permeability of the blood-brain barrier. They are involved in modulating senescence of organs in plants and are therefore considered as a plant hormone.

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Polydatin is a stilbenoid glucoside and is a major resveratrol derivative in grape juices. It can also be isolated from Polygonum cuspidatum.

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Ponicidin is an active natural ent-kaurane diterpenoid ingredient originating from many Isondon herbs and is expected to become a new anticancer agent.

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Potassium is a soft silvery metal though normally grayish white due to oxidation.

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