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(+)-Borneol is an optical isomer of Borneol. Borneol is a component of some aromatic plant essential oils. In a study onTanacetum parthenium, Borneol was isolated from the extracted essential oil. Additionally this compound has been isolated from the essential oils of Zingiber officinale Roscoe as determined via gas chromatography and GC-MS.

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(+)-Catechin is a natural flavonoid that has chemopreventive and antitumor properties.

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(+)-catechin monohydrate

(+)-Catechin Monohydrate is an antioxidant flavonoid that is a free radical scavenger. Research shows that it is relatively nontoxic to cells at high doses. It can stop ultraviolet B induced human keratinocyte death through the inhibition of JNK phosphorylation. Literature indicates that it may have Ca2+ antagonistic activity.

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