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Sulprofos is a tan-colored liquid at room temperature with a sulfurous odor. It also decomposes when heated producing toxic fumes. Sulprofos is an organophosphate insecticide and its negative health effects are related to its cholinesterase inhibiting properties .


Tackifiers are chemical compounds used in formulating adhesives to increase the tack, the stickiness of the surface of the adhesive. They are usually low-molecular weight compounds with high glass transition temperature. At low strain rate, they provide higher stress compliance, and become stiffer at higher strain rates. Tackifiers are usually resins (e.g. rosins and their derivates, terpenes and modified terpenes, aliphatic, cycloaliphatic and aromatic resins (C5 aliphatic resins, C9 aromatic resins, and C5/C9 aliphatic/aromatic resins), hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins, and their mixtures, terpene-phenol resins (TPR, used often with ethylene-vinyl acetate adhesives)).

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