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(+)-Taxifolin is a flavanone compound which modulates chemopreventive genes through activation of the ARE. Studies show that (+)-Taxifolin up-regulates 65 genes including, NQO1, GSTM1, TXNRD1 and down-regulates 363 genes. In addition, (+)-Taxifolin can impede the influx of calcium required to up-regulate the expression of Mac-1-dependent neutrophil firm adhesion resulting in an anti-imflammatory effect. Alternately (+)-Taxifolin can inhibit ROS production by suppressing fMLP and PMA or by impairing the activation of NADPH (sc-202725). Furthermore, (+)-Taxifolin suppresses the secretion of apoB (apolipoprotein B) and increases the secretion of apoA-I (apolipoprotein A-I), which modulate hepatic lipid synthesis.

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