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Butrol 331

Butrol 331 is a water-dispersible corrosion inhibitor that controls both flash rusting and early rusting. The product contains both organic and inorganic anticorrosive chemicals as well as dispersants to assure uniform distribution throughout the paint film. Butrol 331 is compatible with most water-reducible systems including latex emulsion paints. Butrol 331 may be added to the paint during manufacture or post added. The exact amount of Butrol 331 needed to control this type of corrosion will depend on the vehicle systems but should be effective at some concentrations between 0.1% to 1.0% based on total formulation weight.Butrol 331 is a water-soluble liquid packed in non-returnable drums. The container should be kept closed when not in use. Butrol 331 will solidify if exposed to cold temperatures (the freezing point is 4.0°F), but once the product is thawed, it returns to a stable liquid.

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