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Dodecyl vinyl ether

Dodecyl vinyl ether used as raw materials for coatings defoamers, waxes, lubricants, pigment additives, vinyl homo-and copolymers (cationic mechanism). Dodecyl vinyl ether is a reactive diluent for epoxy silanes and silicon acrylate-based release coatings.

Linear Alkylbenzene

Linear Alkylbenzene mainly produced as intermediate in the production of surfactants, for use in detergent. Linear alkylbenzene is sulfonated to produce linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS), a biodegradable surfactant.

Pazufloxacin mesilate

Pazufloxacin mesilate a new quinolone derivative, showed broad and potent antibacterial activity.

Polyphosphoric acid

Polyphosphoric acid can be used in organic synthesis for cyclization, acylation and to produce phosphate esters that are being used in various industries.Polyphosphoric acid finds applications in intermediate to produce phosphate esters e.g. flame retardants for the textile industry, Drying and dehydrating agent, Dispersing agent for dyes and pigments and Catalyst in production of Hydrogen Peroxide.

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