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L-Allysine is a derivative of Lysine amino acid.


Colitose is a mannose-derived 3,6-dideoxysugar produced by certain bacteria.


Laricitrin is a O-methylated flavonol, a type of flavonoid. It is found in red grape and in Vaccinium uliginosum. It is one of the phenolic compounds present in wine.


Lawrencium is a radioactive synthetic chemical element. It was first synthesized by the nuclear-physics team lead by Albert Ghiorso on February 14, 1961, at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory of the University of California. The first atoms of lawrencium were produced by bombarding a three-milligram target consisting of three isotopes of the element californium with boron-10 and boron-11 nuclei from the Heavy Ion Linear Accelerator. Lawrencium has no uses.

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