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Rufigallol is an organic compound. It can be obtained by treating gallic acid with concentrated sulfuric acid and then with sodium hydroxide. It is particularly toxic to the malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparum and has a synergistic effect in combination with the antimalarial drug exifone, which has structural similarities to rufigallol. Rufigallol forms a crimson-colored complex with beryllium, aluminum, thorium, zirconium and hafnium, and this reaction has been used for the spot and spectrophotometric determination of beryllium in low concentrations.

Safranin O

Safranin O is used to stain Gram negative bacteria, chormosomes, mucin, cartilage and mast cells.


Salicylate is a salt or ester of salicylic acid.Salicylatesclass of drugs has analgesic,antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties.It reduces the pain and inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

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