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Pinoresinol is a lignan found in Styrax sp. and in Forsythia suspensa. It is also found in the caterpillar of the cabbage butterfly, Pieris rapae where it serves as a defence against ants. In food, it is found in sesame seed and in Brassica vegetables.

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Pirisudanol is used in the treatment of fatigue and depression.


Policosanol is used as a nutritional supplement intended to lower LDL cholesterol and it helps to prevent atherosclerosis.

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Polyaniline comes in a granular form which can be mixed with an organic chemical and painted or sprayed onto a substance to form a smooth layer of polyaniline. It can also be molded into various shapes.


Polyozellin is a chemical which occurs in the mushroom Polyozellus multiplex. It inhibits prolyl endopeptidase , an enzyme that has a role in processing proteins in Alzheimer's disease. Structurally-related dibenzofuranyl derivatives of polyozellin are known as kynapcins.

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