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A benzamide obtained by formal condensation of the carboxy group of 4-[(2-methylhydrazino)methyl]benzoic acid with the amino group of isopropylamine. An antineoplastic chemotherapy drug used for treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma. Metabolism yields azo-procarbazine and hydrogen peroxide, which results in the breaking of DNA strands.


Progesterone is used as a medication, for instance in menopausal hormone therapy.


Protactinium was first identified in 1913 by Kasimir Fajans and Oswald Helmuth Göhring and named brevium because of the short half-life of the specific isotope studied, namely protactinium-234. A more stable isotope of protactinium was discovered in 1918, and therefore the name was changed to protoactinium and then to protactinium in 1949. Because of the scarcity, high radioactivity and high toxicity, there are currently no uses for protactinium outside of scientific research.

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Quinalizarin is an organic compound. It is one of many tetrahydroxyanthraquinone isomers, formally derived from anthraquinone by replacement of four hydrogen atoms by hydroxyl groups. It is an inhibitor of the enzyme protein kinase CK2, more potent and selective than emodin.

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RANEY Nickel

RANEY Nickel is having characteristic high activity and high selectivity across a broad spectrum of operating conditions. RANEY Nickel is most efficient way to catalyze organic reactions. It is available in slurry and fixed bed form.

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