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Tabun is classified as a nerve agent because it fatally interferes with normal functioning of the mammalian nervous system.


Water is a chemical substance. Its molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms connected by covalent bonds. It is widely used in chemical reactions as a solvent or reactant and less commonly as a solute or catalyst. In inorganic reactions, water is a common solvent, dissolving many ionic compounds. Also, acceleration of Diels-Alder reactions by water has been observed. Supercritical water has recently been a topic of research. Oxygen-saturated supercritical water combusts organic pollutants efficiently.

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Xylan is a group of hemicelluloses that are found in plant cell walls and some algae. Xylans are polysaccharides made from units of xylose (a pentose sugar). Xylans are almost as ubiquitous as cellulose in plant cell walls and contain predominantly β-D-xylose units linked as in cellulose.Xylan is one of the foremost anti-nutritional factors in common use feedstuff raw materials.

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