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Iditol is a sugar alcohol. It will accumulates in galactokinase deficiency.

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Imetit is a histamine H3 receptor agonist.

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Indene is a flammable polycyclic hydrocarbon with chemical formula C9H8. It is composed of a benzene ring fused with a cyclopentene ring. This aromatic liquid is colorless although samples often are pale yellow. The principal industrial use of indene is in the production of indene/coumarone thermoplastic resins.

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Iodide is one of the largest monatomic anions. It is assigned a radius of around 206 picometers. An iodide ion is the ion I-.Iodide, being large, is less hydrophilic than are the smaller anions.Iodide salts are mild reducing agents and many react with oxygen to give iodine.

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Iridin is an isoflavone, a type of flavonoid. It is the 7-glucoside of irigenin and can be isolated from several species of irises like orris root, Iris florentina or Iris versicolor, also commonly known as the larger blue flag. The compound is toxic and these plants have been mentioned as causing poisoning in humans and animals.

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Lilial is a chemical compound commonly used as a perfume in cosmetic preparations and laundry powders.

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