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In organic chemistry, a chlorin is a large heterocyclic aromatic ring consisting, at the core, of three pyrroles and one pyrroline coupled through four methine linkages. Unlike porphin, the central aromatic ring structure of porphyrins, a chlorin is therefore largely aromatic but not aromatic through the entire circumference of the ring. Magnesium-containing chlorins are called chlorophylls, and are the central photosensitive pigment in chloroplasts. Related compounds, with two reduced pyrroles, are called bacteriochlorins and isobacteriochlorins. Because of their photosensitivity, chlorins are in active use as photosensitizing agents in experimental photodynamic therapy.


Chrysin is a naturally occurring flavone chemically extracted from the blue passion flower. Honeycomb also contains small amounts. It is also reported in Indian trumpetflower.

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Coniine is a poisonous alkaloid found in poison hemlock and the yellow pitcher plant, and contributes to hemlock's fetid smell. It is a neurotoxin which disrupts the peripheral nervous system. It is toxic to humans and all classes of livestock. It was first synthesized by Albert Ladenburg in 1886. It was the first of the alkaloids to be synthesized.


Creosol is an ingredient of creosote. Compared with phenol, creosol is a less toxic disinfectant.

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Cyanate is the compound containing the OCN group.It is a salt or ester of cyanic acid.It is commonly N-bonded with most nonmetallic elements.It can also act as a bridging ligand.It is used in the synthesis of organic compounds


Cyanide is a chemical compound that contains the cyano group.It consists of a carbon atom triple-bonded to a nitrogen atom.Its salts are used to process film, remove gold from ore, electroplate or clean metals, and make paper or plastic.It compounds can be stored in liquid, solid or gas form.It is used to fumigate warehouses and the cargo areas of ships.

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Daidzin is a natural organic compound in the class of phytochemicals known as isoflavones. It can be found in Japanese plant Kudzu and from soybean leaves. It is the 7-O-glucoside of daidzein. It is a cancer preventive and an alcohol dependency treatment in animal models.

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Dalapon is an herbicide and plant growth regulator used to control specific annual and perennial grasses, such as quackgrass, Bermuda grass, Johnson grass, as well as cattails and rushes . It is selective, meaning that it kills only certain plants, while sparing nontarget types of vegetation. The major food crop use of dalapon is on sugarcane and sugar beets . It is also used on various fruits, potatoes, carrots, asparagus, alfalfa and flax. It is used in public and domestic sites, forestry, home gardening, and in or near water to control reed and sedge growth . Dalapon is applied both before the target plant comes up, preemergence, or after the plant emerges, postemergence. It is usually applied as a foliar spray. Dalapon is available as a water soluble powder

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