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Diethyl oxalate

​Diethyl Oxalate is a chemical intermediate used in the manufacture of API and various dyes.It can be used as a solvent for a number of synthetic and natural resins.Diethyl oxalate (DEOX) is also used as a cost effective additive based in the dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs).Due to its chemical characteristic, Diethyl Oxalate (DEOX) is miscible with alcohols, ether and other common organic solvents. Diethyl Oxalate is slightly soluble in water.

Lithium Carbonate

Lithium carbonate is an important industrial chemical. It forms low-melting fluxes with silica and other materials. Lithium carbonate is a common ingredient in both low-fire and high-fire ceramic glaze.

Lithium nitrate

Lithium nitrate is an oxidizing agent used in the manufacture of red-colored fireworks and flares. 


N-Methylaniline (NMA) is an organic compound, aniline derivative.N-Methyl Aniline is a colorless, slightly yellow viscous liquid which turns to brown when exposed to air. N-Methyl Aniline is used as a latent and coupling solvent. It is also used as an intermediate for dyes,agrochemicals and other organic products manufacturing.

Nickel difluoride

Nickel(II) fluoride is the chemical compound with the formula NiF2. Unlike many fluorides, NiF2 is stable in air. NiF2 comprises the passivating surface that forms on nickel alloys, e.g. monel, which is why such materials are good to store or transport hydrogen fluoride or elemental fluorine. Nickel is one of the few materials that can be used to store fluorine metal because it forms this coating. It is also used as a catalyst for the synthesis of chlorine pentafluoride.

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Nickel fluoride

Nickel fluoride is used as a catalyst for the synthesis of chlorine pentafluoride.

Sodium Dichromate

Amrut enterprises offering cost-effective and optimum quality sodium dichromate, which is a bright orange colored and odorless inorganic salt. This inorganic salt is one of many hexavalent chromium compounds having Na2Cr2O7 as a chemical formula. This chemical salt is precisely processed, tested on a series of parameters and it has got a strong oxidizing power as well as high corrosive inorganic salt. Sodium dichromate involved in the production of corrosion inhibitors, vitamin k, and inorganic chromate pigment colors and textile dyes.


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