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AmoMax-10 is a wustite-based ammonia synthesis catalyst with significantly higher activity than magnetite-based catalysts. This high activity level is especially evident at low operating temperatures, and enables improved conversion at thermodynamically more favourable conditions. The higher activity of AmoMax-10 leads to a significant increase of ammonia production and / or to significant energy savings due to decreased loop pressure and recycle flow. AmoMax-10 contains less oxygen than magnetite-based catalysts, so reduction times can be significantly reduced. AmoMax-10 provides an excellent long-term stability as expected for magnetite-based catalysts.

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Amurensin is a flavonol, a type of flavonoid. It is the tert-amyl alcohol acetylation of kaempferol 7-O-glucoside.


Angelicin is a furanocoumarin. It can be found in Bituminaria bituminosa. It is present in the list of IARC Group 3 carcinogens.

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