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Tin (IV) Chloride

Tin(IV) chloride, also known as stannic chloride.It is used in the glass container industry for making an external coating containing tin(IV) oxide which toughens the glass.

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Tungsten Trioxide

Tungsten Trioxide is a chemical compound containing oxygen and the transition metal tungsten. It is obtained as an intermediate in the recovery of tungsten from its minerals.scheelite, is allowed to react with HCl to produce tungstic acid, which decomposes to tungsten trioxide and water at high temperatures.Tungsten trioxide is used for many purposes in everyday life. It is frequently used in industry to manufacture tungstates for x-ray screen phosphors, for fireproofing fabrics and in gas sensors.Due to its rich yellow color, tungsten trioxide is also used as a pigment in ceramics and paints.

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Aluminium Silicate

Aluminium silicate used as a refractory in glassmaking. It is considered to be fireproof for the purposes of building and insulation.

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Nickel (III) Oxide

Nickel (III) Oxide is an organic compound. It is used as pigments for ceramics, glass and enamel, it is used in the manufacture of nickel and studies of magnetic.

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Rubidium Carbonate

Rubidium carbonate is a convenient compound of rubidium. It can be prepared by adding ammonium carbonate to rubidium hydroxide. It is used in some kinds of glass-making by enhancing stability and durability as well as reducing its conductivity. It is also used as a part of a catalyst for preparing short-chain alcohols from feed gas.

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Silicofluoric acid

Silicofluoric acid used in water fluoridation, in hardening cement and ceramics, as a wood preservative.

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Strontium Chloride

Strontium chloride is a salt of strontium and chloride. It is a typical salt, forming neutral aqueous solutions. It is the precursor to other compounds of strontium, such as yellow strontium chromate, which is used as a corrosion inhibitor for aluminium. It is often used as a red colouring agent in pyrotechnics. It is employed in small quantities in glass-making and metallurgy. It is useful in reducing tooth sensitivity by forming a barrier over microscopic tubules in the dentin containing nerve endings that have become exposed by gum recession.

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Vanadium Pentoxide

Vanadium Pentoxide supplied by Stratcor, Inc is a high-quality chemical which is the most stable and common compound of vanadium. It is a poisonous orange solid which, because of its high oxidation state, is both an amphoteric oxide and an oxidizing agent. Vanadium Pentoxide is used a raw material for the production of ceramic pigments and frits and for coloration /decoloration of glass. It is used as a catalyst for the production of sulphuric and adipic acid. Buy Vanadium Pentoxide online to get the chemical at an affordable price and superior quality.

Ammonium Bifluoride

Ammonium Bifluoride is an inorganic compound. It is produced from ammonia and hydrogen fluoride. Ammonium Bifluoride is a component of some etchants. It attacks silica component of glass. Ammonium Bifluoride has been considered as an intermediate in the production of hydrofluoric acid from hexafluorosilicic acid.

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Chromium(III) Oxide

Chromium(III) oxide is an inorganic compound. It is one of principal oxides of chromium and is used as a pigment. It is used in paints, inks, and glasses. It is one of the materials that are used when polishing the edges of knives on a piece of leather.

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