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Boric Acid

Arihant chemicals, a leading boric acid supplier have 100 % water solubility, optimum effectiveness, longer shelf life, and compositional accuracy qualities. Buy boric acid from us, we supply optimum quality, technical grade boric acid to our esteemed customers. This product is available at highly affordable market prices to our esteemed clients, and our boric acid is used for different medical applications.

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Boron is a metalloid. The major industrial-scale uses of this compound offered by ESPI Intl. supplier of boron is in sodium perborate bleaches and the borax component of fiberglass insulation. Boron compounds are used in glasses, ceramics, synthesis of organic compounds, as an insecticide and are also a useful dopant. Buy high quality of boron at competitive prices.

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Boron Sulfide LAB GRADE 99%

Boron Sulfide crystal powder boron trisulfide

B2S3 99%

pigment, electronic, sputtering target, coating


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Boron Trioxide

Boron trioxide is one of the oxides of boron. It is one of the most difficult compounds known to crystallize. Boron trioxide is produced by treating borax with sulfuric acid in a fusion furnace. It is used in the production of boron, heat resistant glass, fire retardants for paints and cellulose insulation, boron carbide, and also in electronics.

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CERFOBOL R/75 is used as lubricants for pressing and extrusion processes. It is an emulsion of paraffines and waxes. It is a liquid emulsion with blend of products with binding, plasticizing and lubricant properties.

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CHEMIEBOR 36 is a mild, alkaline salt, white and crystalline, with excellent buffering and fluxing properties. When dissolved in water, it hydrolyzes to give mildly alkaline solution. It is a refined sodium borate. The main composition of CHEMIEBOR 36 is Boric Oxide (B2O3), Sodium Oxide (as Na2O) and water. It is an important multifunctional source of B2O3, particularly where the simultaneous presence of sodium is beneficial.

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CHEMIEBOR 48 is the most commonly used refined sodium borate in a wide range of industries like Ceramics, Glass & Glass Fibre, Insulation Fibre Glass etc. It is white, crystalline and free flowing. It is stable at room temperatures and dry indoor storage is recommended for longer shelf life. The main composition of CHEMIEBOR 48 is Boric Oxide (B2O3), Sodium Oxide (as Na2O) and water.

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Cadmium Carbonate

Cadmium Carbonate is a white, odorless crystal or powder. It is a naturally occurring mineral. It is used in fungicides and in chemical reagents. Cadmium Carbonate is not soluble in water but soluble in diluted acids, in concentrated solutions of ammonium salts and potassium cyanide solutions. Cadmium Carbonate is the raw material for the production of pigments for ceramic and frits.

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Cadmium Oxide

Cadmium Oxide is an inorganic compound. It is one of the main precursors to other cadmium compounds. It crystallizes in a cubic rock salt lattice like sodium chloride, with octahedral cation and anion centers. It is produced by burning elemental cadmium in air. Cadmium oxide is used in cadmium plating baths, electrodes for storage batteries, cadmium salts, catalyst, ceramic glazes, phosphors, and nematocide, used as an ingredient for electroplating baths, pigments, transparent conductive material. It is also used as chemical raw material for glass and ceramic industry.

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Cadmium Sulfide

Cadmium sulfide is an inorganic compound. It occurs in nature with two different crystal structures as the rare minerals greenockite and hawleyite, but is more prevalent as an impurity substituent in the similarly structured zinc ores sphalerite and wurtzite, which are the major economic sources of cadmium. As a compound that is easy to isolate and purify, it is the principal source of cadmium for all commercial applications. It is mainly used as a pigment. Cadmium sulfide and cadmium selenide are used in manufacturing of photoresistors sensitive to visible and near infrared light. In thin-film form, cadmium sulfide can be combined with other layers for use in certain types of solar cells. It was also one of the first semiconductor materials to be used for thin-film transistors (TFTs). However interest in compound semiconductors for TFTs largely waned after the emergence of amorphous silicon technology in the late 1970s. It is also used as chemical raw material for glass and ceramic industry.

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