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KEMICRYL PS is used as high performance dispersant for ceramic tile industry.

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Kemlube-203 is a surface wetting agent generally used in Hcl/h2SO4 acid. The purpose of using Kemlube-203 is to minimize the hazardous fumes eliminating the need of heavy duly exhaust arrangement.


SYMULOX M72 is widely used as a high-grade raw material, primarily in the refractory industry. It is an entirely new type of a zircon mullite. One of the major quality characteristics of the new synthetic sintered quality is the combination of low level of impurities and a genuine, homogeneous and microcrystalline structure. It is used as synthetic raw materials of high purity and have their application areas within and outside the ceramics industry.

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Vinylsilane is an organic chemical. It is a derivative of silane. It is used as a monomer for some copolymer plastics such as ethylene-vinylsilane and ethylene-vinyl acetate-vinylsilane. It is also used as a cross-linking agent during the manufacture of cross-linked polyethylene. The silane group is reactive, and in the presence of moisture, it forms cross-links as the material cures. Moisture-curable polymers are used as electrical insulation in some kinds of cables. Vinylsilane is also used as a coupling agent for treatment of glass fibers in order to form stronger bonds with resin and produce fiberglass with better mechanical properties.


2-Piperidone is a chemical compound classified as a lactam. It is used as an intermediate in the preparation of other chemicals.


CHEMIEBOR 36 is a mild, alkaline salt, white and crystalline, with excellent buffering and fluxing properties. When dissolved in water, it hydrolyzes to give mildly alkaline solution. It is a refined sodium borate. The main composition of CHEMIEBOR 36 is Boric Oxide (B2O3), Sodium Oxide (as Na2O) and water. It is an important multifunctional source of B2O3, particularly where the simultaneous presence of sodium is beneficial.

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CHEMIEBOR 48 is the most commonly used refined sodium borate in a wide range of industries like Ceramics, Glass & Glass Fibre, Insulation Fibre Glass etc. It is white, crystalline and free flowing. It is stable at room temperatures and dry indoor storage is recommended for longer shelf life. The main composition of CHEMIEBOR 48 is Boric Oxide (B2O3), Sodium Oxide (as Na2O) and water.

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Cupric oxide

Cupric Oxide is used as chemical raw material for glass and ceramic industry.

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Finnfix 2000

Finnfix 2000 in many industries is a multipurpose additive which retains water, fluid thickening, regulation of the flow characteristics, stable dispersion, and suspension, and it can be used as a coalescent.


KEMICRYL 100 is a dry pressing polymeric binder for enhancing pre-baking green strength of ceramic tiles and other articles.

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