Buy gold plating chemicals method depositing gold layer another metal surface


Gold N Wear C

Gold N Wear C is mildly acidic cobalt brightened gold process for decorative applications.

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PYRA-STRIP AU is specially designed for back stripping gold flash or bleed after selective plating process of connector parts in reel to reel equipment. It is also an excellent stripper for Gold reclaim or re-works purposes in barrel and rack operations.

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Gold Sulfite ST

Gold Sulfite ST is cyanide-free neutral gold plating process. It can plate high thickness deposits.

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Hytech Gold Strike

Hytech Gold Strike is pure gold strike process for flash deposits. It is used prior to subsequent gold plating processes.

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Chloride Gold Strike

Chloride Gold Strike is high acid gold strike for plating over stainless steel and other difficult metals.

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Gold Pen Plating Solution

Gold Pen Plating Solution is specially formulated for high-speed pen plating application.Gold Pen Plating Solution contain 1 gram Gold content, unless otherwise indicated.

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