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Light yellow to amber oily viscose liquid, non-toxic, easily soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, vegetable oil, ethyl acetate, methanol, insoluble in mineral oil. HLB value: 15.0.

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Vinylpyrrolidone-vinylacetate copolymer (PVP/VA64) Technical 95% MIN

  • Chemical description: 

       --Vinylpyrrolidone-vinylacetate copolymer(PVP/VA64)


  • Applications:

       --Binder for tablets, granulates and hard gelatin capsules;

      --Tablet coatings and film-forming agent.


  • Package and Storage:

      --Packeged in 25/50 kg plastic drum, inner lined with PE bags;

     --Store in dry place at room temperature.

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Vinylpyrrolidone/vinylacetate copolymers (PVP/VA) Technical 95%MIN

Chemical description

--Vinylpyrrolidone/vinylacetate copolymers


--A white powder, and/or clear, colorless to slightly yellowish solutions with faint odor;

--Soluble in water and many organic solvents.


--Particularly used in hair spray and gels, setting lotions and mousses.

Package and Storage

--Powder: in 20,50 kg fibre drum,inner lined with PE bags;

--Liquid: in 60/125 kg drum or 1000kg IBC for aqueous solution, and 50/100kg drum or 800kg IBC for ethanol and isopropanol solution;

--Stored in a dry place at room temperature.

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hydrolyzed keratin Industrial Grade 90%MIN

Product Name: Hydrolyzed Keratin
CAS No. : 69430-36-0
Properties:Hydrolyzed Keratin100% natural source(feathers),excellent solubility,high stability,free of preservatives.

Key Technical Parameters:


No unpleasant odor


90% min.


8.0% max.

Molecular Weight

2,000Da max.

Water Insoluble Matter

No visible impurities


7.0% max.

pH value



0.5mg/kg max.

Heavy Metals

0.5mg/kg max.


0.5mg/kg max.


2.0mg/kg max.


1.0mg/kg max

Aerobic Bacterial Count

1000 CFU/g max.


30 MPN/100g max.



Staphylococcus Aureus


Applications:Moisturizing effect on the skin,repair damaged hair,nail repair,reduce formula irritation.

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maleic acid Technical 99%

INCI Name: Maleic Acid

CAS: 110-16-7

EC No.: 203-742-5

Appearance: White powder

Purity: 99%


Function: Buffering, maleic acid is used to control the pH of cosmetics and personal care products.


Application: In cosmetics and personal care products, maleic acid is used in the formulation of hair and bath products and shaving creams.

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poly(methyl vinyl ether/maleic acid)half esters copolymer Technical >95%


Aerosol and pump hair sprays,Spritzes,Styling Mousses,Styling Gels.

Both Products can be used in aerosol and pump hairsprays,gels,mousses,styling

lotions/creams,styling sprays(non-aerosol)and novelty stylers.They can also be used in both low and high VOC formulations. It provides excellent shine, good style retention and humidity resistant. It also aids pigment dispersion and emulsion stabilization.

Properties:Both types are the copolymers of Monoalkyl ester of poly (methyl

vinyl ether/maleic acid),the products forms tough, clear glossy films. Films

exhibit tack-free adhesion, have excellent substantivity, and moisture resistance.

Soluble in alcohols, esters, ketones and glycol ethers and have good.

compatibility with aerosol propellants.


_ High humidity resistance, High hold

_ Durability, Good style retention

_ Good combability High shine 

_ No flacking Natural Feel 

_ Easy removability Compatibility with additives 

_ Pigment dispersan Emulsion stabilizer

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