Heat Transfer Fluids are thermal stabilizers oxidative stabilizers fluids


Paratherm HR

Paratherm HR is an alkylated-aromatic based heat transfer fluid formulated for closed loop liquid phase heating to 650°F in fired heaters and 675°F in waste heat recovery and full convection heaters. Paratherm HR offers greater thermal stability than competitive aromatic based fluids that cover similar temperature ranges.

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Therminol 59

Therminol 59 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid with excellent low temperature pumping characteristics. Therminol 59 has surprisingly low viscosity for a high temperature heat transfer fluid. It is ideally suited for combination heating and cooling applications delivering excellent heat transfer rates even at 20°C.Therminol 59 is used in oil and gas processing, switch condensers, pharmaceuticals manufacturing.

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Therminol 62

Therminol 62 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid whose chemistry is custom contoured for high-performance, high-purity, low-pressure and exceptional thermal stability to 620°F (325 °C). Therminol 62 is designed for typical liquid phase heat transfer fluid systems which operate at low pressures. Therminol 62 can be used in oil and gas processing, biodiesel, plastics.

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Therminol 66

Therminol 66 is the world’s most popular high temperature, liquid phase heat transfer fluid. Suitable for operation up to 650° F (345° C).Therminol 66 sets the performance standard for high temperature liquid phase fluids. Therminol 66 is specifically engineered to resist solids formation and system fouling. Your system will operate more reliably and you will save money. Therminol 66 is used in chemicals, plastics, biodiesel.

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Therminol 68

Therminol 68 is a high temperature liquid phase heat transfer fluid with excellent thermal stability. Therminol 68 was developed for use at temperatures up to 360° C in liquid phase heat transfer fluid systems. Therminol 68 is used in refining process.

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Therminol 72

Therminol 72 is a high temperature liquid phase heat transfer fluid having excellent thermal stability. Therminol 72 was developed for use at temperatures up to 380° C in liquid phase heat transfer systems. Therminol 72 has been carefully selected to minimize the formation of low boilers and eliminate the risk of insoluble high boilers formation and fouling, provided proper attention is given to system design and operation within the maximum bulk and film temperatures specified. Therminol 72 is used in chemicals, refining.

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Therminol FF

Therminol FF is the first synthetic flushing fluid for liquid phase heat transfer systems. Therminol FF is a key component of a low cost alternative to chemically cleaning a heat transfer system containing severely degraded or contaminated organic heat transfer fluid. Therminol FF is compatible and miscible with most organic heat transfer fluids, which means less downtime is required for system cleaning. Therminol FF is a synthetic hydrocarbon with a high flash point and high initial boiling point, making it much safer to use than other cleaning solvents.

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Therminol LT

Therminol LT is a synthetic aromatic heat transfer fluid. It can be used in both the liquid and vapor phase between -75°C and 315°C. Therminol LT is used in pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals.

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UCON HTF 500 is a polyalkylene glycol-based fluid specially formulated for high-temperature, liquid-phase heat transfer in systems requiring fluid temperatures up to 260°C. UCON HTF 500 can be used to chemical processing equipment, for laminating and calendering rolls,drying rolls.

Duratherm 450

Duratherm 450 heat transfer fluid contains the industry’s most effective and resilient blend of additives to ensure long-lasting, trouble-free service. Duratherm 450 is specifically engineered for applications requiring process heating and cooling efficiently between 30°F and 450°F. Economical and thermally stable, Duratherm 450 heat transfer fluid offers an excellent alternative to costly synthetics and aromatic fluids while delivering precise and efficient cooling down to 30°F. Duratherm 450 heat transfer fluid delivers superior resistance to sludging, a problem plaguing most other fluids.


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