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Butanethiol is a volatile, clear to yellowish liquid with a fetid odor and it is chemically classified among the thiols. Butanethiol is prepared by the free radical catalyzed addition of hydrogen sulfide to 1-butene. Butanethiol is a thiol of low molecular weight, and it is highly flammable. Butanethiol is used as an industrial solvent,and as an intermediate for cotton defoliants. It is sometimes placed in the "stink bombs" and "stink perfumes" for pranksters.1-Butanethiol is a flavouring agent. 1-Butanethiol is present in beef, Cheshire cheese, raw chicken and cooked potatoes 1-butanethiol belongs to the family of Alkylthiols.

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COLZOR TRIO a broad-spectrum, pre-emergence herbicide specifically designed for oilseed rape.COLZOR TRIO contains the Chlortoacetamide herbicide Dimethachlor mixed with Napropamide and Clomazone.COLZOR TRIO is chiefly taken up by the roots and stem, and to a lower extent through the foliage of the emerging weeds. Its activity focuses on inhibiting cell division and disrupting carotinoid synthesis.COLZOR TRIO controls the full spectrum of classical weeds in oilseed rape. It is excellent against many dicots such as Aphanes, Anthemis, Capsella, Papaver, Stellaria and Veronica, including some particularly difficult weeds like Geranium or Sisymbrium. It also provides good control on most common grasses like Alopecurus, Lolium and Poa annua.

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Chloroxuron is an organic compound. It is used as an herbicide.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is commonly used in cooking, especially when frying. In communities where coconut oil is widely used in cooking, the unrefined oil is the one most commonly used.

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Cotogard SC

Cotogard SC is used for control of many broadleaf weeds and annual grasses in cotton.

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Cotogard WG

Cotogard WG is used to control many broadleaf weeds and annual grasses in cotton.

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Cutlass 500

Cutlass 500 ios used for the control of certain broadleaf weeds in winter cereals, pastures, conversation tillage, sugar cane, turf, rice, grain sorghum and non-crop areas.

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Dichlorprop is a chlorophenoxy herbicide similar in structure to 2,4-D that is used to kill annual and perennial broadleaf weeds. It is a component of many common weedkillers.

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Duet 250 EC

Duet 250 EC is used for pre-emergent control of annual ryegrass, phalaris, wireweed (hogweed) and deadnettle in wheat, barley and canola.

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