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Safari 600 EC

Safari 600 EC is used for the control of a range of woody weeds and melons.

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Sulfosulfuron is a selective, systemic sulfonyl urea herbicide, absorbed through both roots and leaves. It translocates throughout the plant and acts as an inhibitor of amino acid biosynthesis, hence stopping cell division and plant growth. Sulfosulfuron is effective against grasses and broad-leaved weeds in wheat. Barley and oats are sensitive.

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Tackle 750 WP

Tackle 750 WP is used for the control of annual ryegrass, paradoxa grass and certain broadleaf weeds in cereal crops.

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Wipe-Out Plus

Wipe-Out Plus is used for non-selective control of most perennial and annual weeds.

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Zoliar 800 DF

Zoliar 800 DF is a pre-emergence selective residual herbicide for a programmed approach to nutgrass and other grass and broadleaf weed control in cotton, asparagus, citrus, grapes, nuts, pome fruit and stone fruit.

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41% Glyphosate

41% Glyphosate is a liquid broad spectrum herbicide. It is comprised of 41% glyphosate(the active ingredient in Roundup) with a surfactant to make it more effective. It comes in 2.5 gallon containers/ 2 per box. It is very concentrated and very effective.

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Ametrex 800 WG

Ametrex 800 WG is used for control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in pineapples, sugarcane and in industrial situations.

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Butyl Carbitol

Butyl carbitol is a slow-evaporating, hydrophilic glycol ether. It is primarily used as a solvent in coatings, inks, cleaners and specialty fluids. It is also used as a chemical intermediate to produce diethylene glycol monobutyl ether acetate and some herbicides, insecticides and plasticizers. It is also used in hydraulic brake fluid applications.

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