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Methyl Bensulfuron

Methyl bensulfuron is a systemic sulfonylurea herbicide for the pre- and post-emergence control of annual and perennial broad-leaved and sedge weeds in rice.

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Metsulfuron-Methyl is a residual sulfonylurea herbicide that kills broadleaf weeds and some annual grasses. It is a systemic compound with foliar and soil activity, that inhibits cell division in shoots and roots. Metsulfuron-Methyl has residual activity in soils, allowing it to be used infrequently but requiring up to 22 months before planting certain crops (sunflowers, flax, corn, or safflower). Metsulfuron-Methyl has very low toxicity to mammals, birds, fish, and insects, but is a moderate eye irritant.

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Monument Herbicide

Monument Herbicide provides post emergent control of Winter Grass, Ryegrass, Bindii, Clover, Mullumbimby Couch, Burr Medic and Nutgrass and suppression of Kikuyu and Bahia Grass seedheads in a range of warm season grasses.Monument Liquid delivers long lasting herbicidal action with follow-up applications rarely needed.Monument Liquid as a post-emergent herbicide is taken up by leaves, shoots and roots of target weeds.Monument Liquid is an oil dispersion formulation (OD) with minimal odour and non-staining properties. Monument Liquid mixes completely with water and produces a homogenous easy to apply suspension.Monument Liquid can be tank mixed with Primo MAXX, PRIMO 250 EC and Barricade.

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Pyrithiobac Sodium

Pyrithiobac Sodium is used as herbicide to control annual and perennial broad-leaf weeds in cotton field.

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Tributyl Phosphate

Tributyl Phosphate is used as a component of aircraft hydraulic fluid and as a solvent for extraction and purification of rare earth metals from their ores.It is an ester of phosphoric acid with n-butanol.Tributyl phosphate is manufactured by esterification of phosphoric acid with n-butanol. It is also used as a solvent in inks, synthetic resins, gums, adhesives and herbicide and fungicide concentrates. Tributyl Phosphate is a phosphated flame retardant used in rubber industries.

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