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Innova Clethodim 240

Innova Clethodim 240 is used for the control of certain grass weeds in Beetroot, Cabbage, Canola, Celery, Chickpeas, Cotton, Faba Beans, Field Peas, Forestry, Lentils, Lettuce, Lupins, Mung Beans, non-bearing fruit trees, Onions, Ornamentals, Peanuts, Potatoes, and Soybeans.

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Innova Triclopyr 600

Innova Triclopyr 600 is used for the control of a range of woody weeds and melons in various situations.

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Isopropyl Isocyanate

Isopropyl Isocyanate is used in the synthesis for the target molecules such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, textile softener, lubricants and industrial disinfectants.They are used as plastic additives and as heat treatment salt formulations for metals.

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Primisulfuron-methyl is a selective post-emergence herbicide used to control grassy and broad-leaved weeds in crop and non-crop applications.

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Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl is a new rice herbicide belong in the sulfonylurea group. Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl has eminent activity against a broad spectrum of annual and perennial rice paddy weeds, especially broad leaf weeds and sedges, with pre-emergence and early post-emergence application and at extremely low use rates.

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Simazine HI-Load 600

Simazine HI-Load 600 is used to controls weeds in orchards, chickpeas, vineyards, asparagus, field lupins, TT canola, berry fruits, gladioli, hops, faba beans, almonds, non agricultural situations and other crops.

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2,4,6-Trichlorophenol is a chlorinated phenol that has been used as a fungicide, herbicide, insecticide, antiseptic, defoliant, and glue preservative. It decomposes on heating to produce toxic and corrosive fumes including hydrogen chloride and chlorine.

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4-Cyanobenzyl Bromide

4-Cyanobenzyl Bromide is used as postemergence herbicides. 4-Cyanobenzyl Bromide have a wide applications in perfumery, dyes, pharmaceuticals, synthetic resins, photographic chemicals, warfare chemicals, penicillins, quaternary ammonium compounds, plasticizer and esters.

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Cyclohexyl isocyanate

Cyclohexyl isocyanate is used in chemical manufacturing including agrochemicals, pharmaceutical agents and polymer auxiliaries.

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