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The major use of propanil is for the control of broad-leaved and grass weeds in rice. It is a contact herbicide used post-emergence. Because its metabolism is blocked by amidase inhibitors, severe phytotoxicity can occur in plants treated with organophosphorus insecticides.

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Pyridine is a basic heterocyclic organic compound. It was discovered in 1849 by the Scottish chemist Thomas Anderson as one of the constituents of bone oil. Two years later, Anderson isolated pure pyridine through fractional distillation of the oil. It is used as a precursor to agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals and is also an important solvent and reagent. Pyridine is added to ethanol to make it unsuitable for drinking. It is used in the synthesis of sulfapyridine, antihistaminic drugs tripelennamine and mepyramine, as well as water repellents, bactericides and herbicides.

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Shirquat is used for the control of a wide range of grasses and broadleaf weeds.

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Simazine is a selective triazine herbicide. It is used to control broad-leaved weeds and annual grasses in field, berry fruit, nuts, vegetable and ornamental crops.

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Tentoxin is a natural cyclic tetrapeptide produced by phytopathogenic fungus Alternaria alternata. It selectively induces chlorosis in several germinating seedling plants. Therefore, tentoxin may be used as a potential natural herbicide. It was first isolated from Alternaria alternata and characterized by George Templeton et al. in 1967. It has also been used in recent research to eliminate the polyphenol oxidase activity from seedlings of higher plants.

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Terbacil is a selective herbicide used for control of both annual grasses, broad leaved weeds, and some perennial weeds in sugarcane, apples, alfalfa, peaches, pecans, and mints.

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Tribunil is used for control of annual broadleaf weed seedlings in onions.

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Vertimec is a specialist product for Mites and Leaf miners. It is one among the very few products with Low use rates. Vertimec is used worldwide on more than 50 crops including cotton, Fruits, vegetables and Flowers.

Zulu 300

Zulu 300 is used for the control of emerged broadleaf weeds prior to sowing crops and pastures in conservation tillage situations and for selective weed control in crops.

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m-Cresol is a phenol. Amongst its uses it can be used as a solvent for dissolving polymers, most notably the conducting polymer polyaniline. When polyaniline is cast from a solution of m-cresol or a polyaniline film is exposed to m-cresol vapor the conductivity is higher than a polyaniline film cast without the presence of m-cresol.

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