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Diphenylacetonitrile is used as an herbicide.

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Benzyl Alcohol

Benzyl Alcohol is an aromatic organic alcohol found in many fruits and teas. Benzyl alcohol is a colorless liquid with a mild pleasant aromatic odor. It is a useful solvent due to its polarity, low toxicity, and low vapor pressure. Benzyl alcohol is produced naturally by many plants and is commonly found in fruits and teas. It is also found in a variety of essential oils including jasmine, hyacinth, and ylang-ylang. Benzyl alcohol is prepared by the hydrolysis of benzyl chloride using sodium hydroxide. It can also be prepared via a Grignard reaction by reacting phenylmagnesium bromide with formaldehyde, followed by acidification. Benzyl alcohol is used as a general solvent for inks, paints, lacquers, and epoxy resin coatings. It is also a precursor to a variety of esters, used in the soap, perfume. It is also used as a photographic developer. Benzyl alcohol has been used as a dielectric solvent for the dielectrophoretic reconfiguration of nanowires. Benzyl alcohol is used as a bacteriostatic preservative at low concentration in intravenous medications, cosmetics and topical drugs.

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Benzylamine, N,N-Dimethyl

Benzylamine, N,N-dimethyl is used in the manufacture of adhesives and other chemicals.

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Bladex 900 WG

Bladex 900 WG is a selective herbicide used for the control of various weeds in field peas, processing peas,chickpeas, faba beans, lentils, vetches,onions, potatoes and sweetcorn.

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Bobcat Combi WG

Bobcat Combi WG is used for the control of a wide range of annual and perennial grasses,broadleaf weeds and vines in established Sugar Cane.

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Bobcat SL

Bobcat SL is used for the control of certain broadleaf weeds, perennial and annual grasses,woody weeds in Pinus radiata plantations, pasture situations and commercial and industrial areas.

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Bonanza Elite

Bonanza Elite is used for the control of certain weeds in clover-based pastures, field peas, lentils, lupins and oilseed poppy.

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Boxer Gold

Boxer Gold is used for the control of Annual Ryegrass and Toad Rush in barley and wheat.

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Broadstar is used for selective post-emergence control of certain broadleaf weeds in Green (Dwarf French) Beans, Navy (Haricot) Beans, Peanuts, Red Kidney Beans, Red Mexican Beans and Soybeans.

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