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What are Hormones?

Hormones are signaling molecules; whose function is to communicate betweentissues and organs for behavioral activitiesand physiological regulation. They effect sleep, metabolism, tissue function, excretion, mood, movement, growth, stress, respiration, development, digestion and sensory perception. Various industries buy hormones to manufacture products.


Types of Hormones

- Plant Hormones

Plant hormonesare signal molecules that are produced in extremely low concentrations within plants. These hormones effect the growth and development of plants. They effect aspects such as reproductive development, embryogenesis, organ size regulation, stress tolerance and pathogen defense. In contrast with animal cells, where hormone synthesis is restricted to only specialized glands, all plant cells can produce hormones. Plant hormones are also known as phytohormones.

Plant hormones find applications in various industries. Abscisic acid is an important plant growth regulator. Pharmaceutical companies buy abscisic acid to produce medicines to fight various diseases such as atherosclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, inflammation, obesity and diabetes.

The breakdown of methionine gas leads to the production of ethylene. Various industries buy ethylene to manufacture adhesives, coolants, aircraft de icers, solvents, films, resins and fibers. 

Cytokininsare another class of hormones, which influence shoot formation, cell elongation, cell division and morphogenesis. Application of cytokinin is helpful for the development of resistance in plants to pathogens and extreme temperatures.

Brassinolide is a brassinosteroid, which finds anticancer applications for endocrine responsive cancers to inhibit growth and induce apoptosis, which is programmed cell death.

Among phenolic acids, salicylic acid is used for manufacturing medicines and food preservatives. It is one of the important constituents of aspirin. Other plant hormones include strigolactones, jasmonates and gibberellins.


- Human Hormones

There are specialized glands in humans, which constitute the endocrine system. The glands include thymus, pituitary, thyroid, two adrenals and four parathyroids, which are responsible for the production of hormones in humans. These hormones are responsible for the energy levels, body metabolism and internal temperature of the body. Hormones act like messengers that control and coordinate activities throughout the body. Synthetic hormones suppliers supply their products for various uses.

Human growth hormonesare peptide hormonesthat stimulatecell reproduction, growthandregeneration in humans. Manufacturing and consumer industries buy insulin, oxytocin, glucagon, leptin and renin from peptide hormones suppliers.

Another class of artificial human hormones includes steroids, which are biologically active substances. They have dual functionality as signaling molecules and altering membrane fluidity. There are various steroids supplied by hormones suppliers to various manufacturing industries such as testosterone, estrogen and estradiol.


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