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calcined alumina Technical 99%min

Calcined alumina is generally used in the manufacture of high-grade ceramic shapes, refractories and fused alumina abrasives. It can be compressed to produce a fired density of 3.8 or more. Amazingly, ceramic bodies containing 95% or more alumina are being employed to produce ceramic parts for a wide range industries (fired to 1400C or more). Fabrication methods and glazing vary according to application.


Alumina has a very high melting temperature (about 2000C) and alumina ceramics can maintain up to 90% of their strength above 1100C. They are thus employed in many refractory materials (i.e. Calcium Aluminate Cements have PCEs above cone 35) and used to make parts that must withstand high temperature. 


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maleic anhydride 99.50%

1. Maleic Anhydride 2. Cas no: 108-31-6 3. White briquettes/flakes 4. Purity: 99.5% min 5.25kgs per bag Application: It used in production of unsaturated polyester resin. It also is used in coating, pharmaceutics, agricultural, surfactant, additive of plastics, etc. It is main material of binary acid with four carbons, 1, 4-butanediol r-butyrolactone, tetrahydrofuran Packing: 25kgs per plastic woven bag lined with PE bag Protection: It is toxic, and detrimental to respiratory tract and irritative to eyes, noses and skin. Not to handle it by naked hand, in non-airtight places, the operators ought to wear protective articles Storage: Kept in a light-proof, well-colsed, dry and cool place.

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