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Sodium Sulphite

We are leading Manufacturer and exporters of Sodium  Sulphite. We are an ISO 9001-2008 company following all standard strictly to maintain our quality of products. Our in house lab and QC department  is strong in equipment, knowledge and system to meet the international standardsWe produce superior range of  Sodium Sulphite. using advanced manufactured technology and using superior quality raw materials. Our quality complies with domestic as well as international standards. We manufacture both food grad and commercial grade of sodium  sulphite

Lauryl Glucoside

Lauryl Glucoside

Thermal oil pump

1.simple structure 2.good performance 3.reliable operation 4.high-temperature 5.small volume,save cost thermal oil pump

SHMP Technical 68

 Name of index

 GB 1890-1989


Total Phosphate (as P2O5 ) ≥%



Inactive Phosphate (as P2O5) ≤%



Water Insoluble   ≤%



Iron (Fe)          ≤%



PH (1% aqueous solution)   



Arsenic (As)       ≤%



Heavy Metal (as Pb) ≤%



Fluoride (as F)       ≤%




sodium chlorite

Sodium Chlorite

Isobutyric Anhydride

Isobutyric Anhydride

Aluminum Chlorohydrate


hydrogen Purified 100%

We offer a disruptive technology for hydrogen and stoichiometric oxygen-hydrogen (OH) gas mixtures production, based on our original method for low-power [0.8Wh/L] Ultrasono-Modified Water Electrolysis.

We discovered that OH gas-plasma flame (140oC) heats UHTCs over 5,500oC.

Applying our inventions, we have designed an Autonomous OH Power Plant, consuming only water. 100% clean and renewable process, 0% harmful emissions.

OH Power Plant can produce Power, Heat, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Modified Oxy-Hydrogen Fule (MOH), off-grid, at a cost, close to zero.

MOH is the ideal fuel, energy storage and low-cost & safe Hydrogen storage.

MOH can be safely compressed (700+bar), liquefied (1bar /-178oC), filled in CNG/LNG bottles/tanks and stored there for years, and combusted as a single fuel in all kinds of IC Engines, Gas-Turbines, Jet and Rocket Engines. It is safe - cannot be ignited by a spark, and highly dense - 1m3 liquid MOH contains 2.5 times more kg of hydrogen than 1m3 of liquid hydrogen.

Hydrogen produced could be combined with captured-from-air CO2 (, for hydrocarbon product and fuel synthesis as Ethanol, Methanol, Diesel, Gasoline, Methane, DME, Formaldehyde, Ketones, Fertilizers, Polymers, etc., at a cost, close to zero.

Also, pure Hydrogen and Oxygen could be safely extracted on-board, on-demand, out of MOH, separated by a simple molecular sieve membrane and used for fueling Hydrogen Fuel Cells for onboard power generation.

Also, OH PP can supply unlimited heat energy for Basalt / Zirconia - Fiber Composite Materials (3 times stronger, 3 times lighter and 20 times cheaper than the steel) production, at a cost, close to zero.



Eosin Yellow LAB GRADE 85

Siddhichem Industries a leading Manufacturer and exporter of Xanthenes class of dyestuffs. Well export product of siddhichem is Eosin Yellow, Acid Red 87, CAS NO. 17372-87-1, Phloxin B, Acid Red 92, CAS NO. 18472-87-2, Fluorescein Sodium, Acid Yellow 73, CAS NO. 518-47-8.

Our manufacturing unit is a multi-purpose plant well equipped with Modernized Equipments which includes Glass Lined, Stainless Steel reactors, P.P Vats of different capacities alongwith well equipped utilities. We are SiddhiChem a leading Eosin Yellow, D & C Red 22, Phloxin B, D & C Red 28, ­Solvent Yellow 94 Manufacturer & Exporter ­from India.

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