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propylene glycol Technical 99%

We are a chemical solvents & plasticizers plant in China.

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l  Suitable for low - moderate temperature system, used below 90? (194?, BHCT).

l  Applied in freshwater or salt water system, salt-tolerance up to half-saturated brine.

l  Mixed with water when applied, no water quality is required.

l  When curing temperature is lower than the bottom hole circulating temperature, strength of set cement at top may be affected.  

l  The dosage of CH210L increases significantly when applied above temperature of 95?, strength of set cement at top may be affected.

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sodium benzoate Technical 99 %

sodium benzoate as oreservative.and for industrial use.

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sodium hydroxide (Casutic Lye) Industrial Grade 48%

Buy Sodium Hydroxide online which is an alkaline corrosive base chemical material. It can react violently with strong acids and with water. Other common names for sodium hydroxide are caustic soda or lye. Many everyday products, such as paper, aluminium, commercial drain, oven cleaners, soap and detergents are comprised of our sodium hydroxide. Sodium Hydroxide is offered by Shreeji Exim Corporation is supplied at the best quality and is available at the best price.








Clear Colorless Liquid


Assay as NaOH

% w/w

48%(+/-) Min


Sodium Chloride (as Cl)

% w/w

0.015 Max


Iron as Fe


10.0 Max


Sodium Carbonate

% w/w

0.20 Max


Specific Gravity at 20°C


1.51 to 1.54


Sodium Hydroxide

 (On dry basis)

% w/w

99.50 Min


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sodium metabisulphite FOOD GRADE 98%

  • Purity 98% minimum, SO2 purity 65% minimum, whitefree-flowing powder
  • Industrial main uses:
    • Mordant of printing and dyeing
    • Dechlorinate of textile after bleaching
    • Sulphonated agent and reducer of chemical industry andpharmacy
    • Bleach of paper pulp, bamboo and timber bleach of stapk
    • Treatment agent of waste water
    • Rubber solidifying agent
    • Perfume industry is served as hydrocarbon perfume aldehyde
    • Hide profession employ to do to molt, pliable and wearproofdose
    • Sensitize industry is served as developing agent reductant,protection of fixing bath dose and sewage treatment
  • Food main uses:
    • Bleach agent (candies, cake, bamboo shoots)
    • Loose agent (bread, cracker)
    • Antiseptic and germicide (fruit juice, tinned food, brews,cereals food is defended storage)
    • Inhibitor and freshen agent (day lily, seafood, fruit andvegetable)

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Used below temperature of 150C (302F, BHCT).

Effectively replaces drilling-mud and prevents mixture between cement slurry and drilling fluid.

Has remarkable thickening effect with high viscosity.

Good performance of suspension on weighing agent, insoluble solid and oil drop.

Slurry Compatibility test should be done before using CS210L.

Direct application of CS210L is highly recommended as viscosity reduces drastically after being diluted.


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sulfonic acid Technical 96%

Name:                               Sulphonic Acid

Appearance:                       Brown viscous liquid

Specification Temperature:  25 oC

Active Matter:                     96% ± 1%

Free Oil:                            2% max.

Free Acid:                          Less than 1%

Moisture:                           1-1.5%



It is a kind of weak organic acid and easy to dissolve in water. It is widely used in washing powders, civil detergents and industrial detergents.

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sulfur Technical

Sulfur Granules, Sulfur Lumps and Chunks , Powder available, 

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