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Chemical Logistics Service Purified India via Mumbai Port

SPEEDMARK- provides leading Total Quality Assurance services to industries worldwide for Import Export Cargo across from India via Mumbai Port.

We deliver for Cargo Safely Assurance Delivery, Testing, Inspection and approvals for our customers’ operations and supply chains 24 hours always.

We offer freight forwarding services by road, Air, and sea with Customs Clearance of Cargo, as our all special services include:

Customs Clearances Services ( both inbound & outbound).

International & Domestic Freight Forwarding for Import Export Cargo.

Worldwide Countries various type Container Services as FTL/ DRY/ Flat Rake / Refer /Tank / Open Top/ Etc Containers.

Secure Delivery Service of LCL & Air Cargo Shipment Service Solutions for Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Companies.

Bonded Warehousing specialist all JNPT / MUMBAI side area.

Exim Trade Consultants.

Transport Services & Multinationals Transport service.

Project Cargo & O D C CARGO Logistics.

Storage, Cargo Handling, Packing, Distribution.

Dangerous & Hazardous goods specialist by Air.

Our Aim is "Complete Service Goal".

High quality of Potassium Permanganate in competitive price Purified 99.3%

Category: potassium permanganate
Manufacturer / origin: Guangdong Hang Xin Technologies AG
Product Grade: Industrial grade
Content: 99.4%
Implementation of quality standards: GB / T1608-2017,  BP2000
CAS: 7722-64-7
Brand: Navigation
Molecular formula: KmnO4
Molecular Weight: 158.03

Uses: mainly used in light industry, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, environmental protection, agriculture, oil, aquaculture, also apply to preservatives, disinfectants and oxidizing agents in the pharmaceutical industry and the like. Oxidants such as sugar, vitamins, isoniazid and other products; starch, fabric, fat bleaching agent; gas absorber; water purification agents. As a preservative and disinfectant medicine.


Packaging and storage: net weight 25kg plastic drum, 50kg galvanized iron drum lined with polyethylene plastic film bag. Store in a cool dry place.
Quality standards: the implementation of GB / T1608-2008, Q / GDHX 2 -2011, British Pharmacopoeia BP2000 Standard Edition.


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