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Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate

Lauryl alcohol Ethoxylates, Cetostearyl alcohol ethoxylates , Steryl alcohol and oleyl alcohol ethoxylates.

Medium HLB to high HLB surfactants with applications as scouring agents, foam stabilizers, emulsifiers, and dispersing agents.

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Fluid loss control additives 98%

Provide fluid loss control in low, normal or high density cement slurries. High purity and low dosage. Good fluidity, stable system and little free fluid. No retarding effect and the set cement strength is developed fast. Compatible well with other additives. Suitable for all API classes of cement and no water quality required.CG610L, CG610S-T and CG610S-D can be made from this product.

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GarLAS is our range of Aliphatic solvents that include White Spirit, V&MP Naphtha, High Flash Kerocene, Calibration Oil, etc. GarLAS solvents range ideal for specific applications for paints, ink oils, varnish, food grade coatings, adhesives, cutting oil, cleaning solvents, etc.

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GaramaSOL is high Molecular, high flash, low evaporation, customer made fraction & blends. GaramaSOL is having high flash property, since it is used as an ideal industrial solvent for oil field chemicals, surfactants & emulsifiers.

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GaroMAX is a range of Medium Aromatics that include HAN and custom made blends. These are high molecular, low volatile solvents. GaroMAX is excellent for applications in agrochemicals, PVC, printing inks, etc.

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GaroMAX 21/60

GaroMAX 21/60 is specially developed for the Agrochemical Formulation keeping the environmental and economical factors in mind. It is high flash, low in volatility, low-density clear colourless solvent. It acts as an adjuvant helping in better & stable emulsion with improved wetting properties.GaroMAX 21/60 is widely used in screen inks & reducer, additives for inks & paints, oil field chemicals, process and specialty chemicals.

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GaroSOLs are high boiling narrow cut solvents with excellent solvency. They impart excellent properties for use in many coating applications, Paints and Inks. High Flash, and low HAP and VOC impart good properties in high quality Agrochemical s, Pesticides, Industrial Cleaning, Mastics and Sealants, Additives, Oil Field Chemicals, Water treatment Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals.

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Glycine ethyl ester hydrochloride Purified 99%

Product Name : Glycine ethyl ester hydrochloride

Synonyms: Glycineethylesterhydrochlor;Glycocollethylesterhydrochloride;usafdo-10;H-GLY-OET HCL;GLYCINE ETHYL ESTER;GLYCINE ETHYL ESTER HCL;GLYCINE ETHYL ESTER HYDROCHLORIDE;GLYCINE-OET HCL

CAS: 623-33-6

MF: C4H10ClNO2

MW: 139.58

EINECS: 210-787-4

Chemical Properties:Crystalline.

Assay: 98.5% 

Melting point : 142-146 

Glycine hydrochloride: 0.8% 

Volatile matter: 0.3%   

Uses: mainly used in the intermediates of Pyrethroid pesticides and aerosol insecticides.A Glycine (G615990) ester used as parakeratosis inhibitor and external composition for skin

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GrintoSOLS are highly refined, hydrogenated aliphatic solvents with relatively narrow boiling range, low aromatics and mild odour The grades differ primarily in their boiling range, aniline point and falsh point.

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