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GaramaSOL is high Molecular, high flash, low evaporation, customer made fraction & blends. GaramaSOL is having high flash property, since it is used as an ideal industrial solvent for oil field chemicals, surfactants & emulsifiers.


SpecificationsBETA NAPHTHOL(135-19-3) 1, purity: 99.1%, 2, 20000 MT/Y 3, packing: 25kg/bag, 17mt/FCL 5, Manufacturer ITEM: Beta Naphthol 1, CAS No.: 135-19-3 2, HS Code: 29071510 3, Brand: Baoxiang 4, Capacity: 20000mt/y 1, Baotie Group is dedicated in the production and sale of Maleic anhydride, Betanaphthol, BON ACID, It is one of key 100 cultivation enterprises of Hebei Province, located in Tangshan. Baotie achieved the leading company in coal chemical filed in three years and will be No. 1. 2, Tangshan Xingbao Building Maerials Co., Ltd was established in the year of 2007 for the production . Tangshan BaoXing Building Co Ltd was established in the year 2008 for the production of Beta Naphthol catering to dye industry. 3, Tangshan Fengnan Shengchun Trading Co., Ltd starts in 2008. Promoters: Mr. Tien Su. A Visionary for the development of Tangshan. With his years of toiling as Secetary of region Mr. Tien Su is a well known personality in that region. 4, Location: Baotie is strategically located for access to the raw material (coal and steel), Large ports (Tanggu port is 100KM from Baotie on the Western Side, Qinghuangdao port is 150km to the east, 68km from Jingjin port, 60km from Caofeidian port) and well connected to Metropolis (150km away from Beijing, 100km away from Tianjin). Environmental Management: 5, Philosophy of the company: 1. Quality and Customer First 2. Protect Environment 3. Be a Reliable Supplier 4. Adopt Advanced Technolohy and be cost effective 5. Contribute to Sociey 5, Application: Intermediate for dyestuffs & pigments Tobais acid, J acid azo dyes, used as antiseptic and antioxidant 6, Packing: 17mt/FCL, 25kg/bag net weight, inner PE outer PP


Acclaimed to be the best in the industry, we are the superb manufacturers, suppliers, traders, importers and exporters of Chloroform from Mumbai, India. Our leading and advanced products are processed with the use of fine quality raw ingredients and cutting edge techniques that are used by our expert professionals. Moreover, this chloroform is used in pesticide formulations, as a solvent for fats, oil, rubber, waxes and as a cleansing agent. These products are being offered at very competitive prices and in no time constraint.


It is a high efficient defoamer which can quickly eliminate the foam generated in cement slurry. It can be dispersed well in the cement slurry, and inhibit foam produced by other additives. It has shown to have minimal negative effect on other properties of cement slurry.


GrintoSOLS are highly refined, hydrogenated aliphatic solvents with relatively narrow boiling range, low aromatics and mild odour The grades differ primarily in their boiling range, aniline point and falsh point.

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castor oil

Castor oil industrial best quality





l  Suitable for low - moderate temperature system, used below 90? (194?, BHCT).

l  Applied in freshwater or salt water system, salt-tolerance up to half-saturated brine.

l  Mixed with water when applied, no water quality is required.

l  When curing temperature is lower than the bottom hole circulating temperature, strength of set cement at top may be affected.  

l  The dosage of CH210L increases significantly when applied above temperature of 95?, strength of set cement at top may be affected.


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